20/06/2024 5:01 AM

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2022 Audi S8 First Drive: Automotive Silver Fox


The twin-turbo V8 may be the main attraction, but the adaptive sport suspension does a decent enough song and dance to very nearly steal the show. In Comfort mode, the system rides high for maximum smoothness, but it isn’t bouncy: instead the S8 merely floats along rough roads. In bends, the suspension raises the outward side of the car to reduce body roll. A camera tied to the system is constantly on the lookout for irregularities on the road, and can apparently spot a millimeter’s worth of pitch within 66 feet. If it sees something, the sport suspension can raise to counteract the force feel of a divot. 

In theory, it’s a neat bit of tech, but in practice, it’s literally hit or miss. It’s difficult to tell what dip or crack in the road the system will respond to, and while some will channel a bump through the car as it normally would, others are just heard but not felt. Ultimately, the system smooths out more than you probably realize.

Rear wheel steering is also on hand to make the S8 more stable at highway speeds, adjusting by up to 2.5 degrees when on the go and during lane changes. In tight spots, the wheels can turn up to 5 degrees in the opposite direction, and give the S8 the same turning radius as the smaller A4. It’s something many parking-garage-reliant drivers will be thankful for.


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