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A Visit To Infinite Motorsport (AKA Liberty Walk Thailand)

The last time Speedhunters visited Liberty Walk Thailand was back in 2017, when Ron was in Bangkok for the Auto Salon. At that time, LBWK’s Wataru Kato was in town to make the ceremonial first cut in an Audi R8 build.

LBWK Thailand was definitely on my visit list when I ventured to Bangkok a couple of months back. Not only so I could check out the facility for myself, but because, first and foremost, it’s the home of Infinite Motorsport, whose media department went out of their way to give me a proper look at the local scene. I already showed you the Honda night run that Infinite Media hosted when I was in town, and today I thought it would be cool to look at the shop again, five years on since our original visit.


I met up with Oat, who was happy to show me around the place and share the history.


It started with the two buildings, one of which is home to The Wrap Icon. As the name suggests, this is where some of Thailand’s best automotive vinyl wraps go from concept to application. This Maserati was just being finished.


Next up is the main garage, where official Liberty Walk transformations take place. This is also where everything from maintenance, to air suspension installs, to wheel and tire upgrades happen. It was cool to see an LB-kitted NA1 NSX in for a service, and also a Lamborghini Huracán getting the wide-body treatment. The Huracán kit is one of my favorites; I think LBWK knocked it out of the park with this silhouette design.


Over the seven years Infinite Motorsport has been open, the amount of work coming through the door has steadily increased, so naturally the business has expanded too. In the car wash and detailing bay I saw the Audi R8 that Kato-san made cuts on back in 2017.


Oat is a qualified architect and has applied his professional design touch to all the spaces around the facility. The Pit8 Motorsport Cafe is a great place to hang out in and grab a bite to eat and something to drink, but due to the pandemic it’s been temporarily closed for dining in for a little while now. There are so many cool pieces of art, clothing and collectibles in this themed room.


Upstairs is where Infinite Media create their content. This part of the building is also home to an R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R Calsonic replica boasting a Tomei-built engine.


The latest addition to the facility is this a car storage warehouse, or hotel as it’s affectionately referred to. There are some amazing cars in here, and Oat was happy for me to grab a few shots.


Both LBWK A90 Supras had their vinyl liveries designed and applied in-house, and Kato-san likes the Martini-inspired look so much he’s wanted to replicate it on build in Japan.


What appears to be a bone stock and very clean BNR34 Skyline GT-R in Bayside Blue is actually a modified example that was built outside of Thailand.


Same thing goes for the silver A80 Supra.

You might remember the Idemitsu-themed Civic EF9 from the Honda night run. Meanwhile, the R35 GT-R has some Top Secret goodies.


Lastly, behind those plastic curtains are two completely original FD3S RX-7s, one of which is a Spirit R version with less than 4,000km on the clock.


Before I left, Oat had a special car to show me – the first (and only) 997 with a specially-modified LB body kit.


The kit is based on the original 997 LBWK item, but the owner wanted the look to resemble an RWB. At the time (2015), RWB didn’t have a 997 kit, so Infinite Motorsport designed a custom look that was signed off by Kato-san ahead of the build happening.


Given it was such a big project, Infinite worked with Garage Plus – a local panel and paint specialist – to complete the construction of the FRP kit. In its completed form, it has wider front and rear fenders from the original LB kit design, and a subtle ducktail wing finishes off the rear.


In total, the build took around three years to complete, with several reworks required along the way. Although it was finished in 2018, the owner only decided to show it to the world last year. I’m definitely glad I got to check out this true one of a kind.


Oat’s own car – a 987 Porsche Boxster – is pretty special too. The car features an Old & New 997 front end, with a custom-designed rear kit built in collaboration with Garage Unique.


Infinite Motorsport has grown to become an integral part of Thailand’s car culture. To date, they have built over 26 LBWK cars, and I really can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next.

Rick Muda
Instagram: ardskellig