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Best Tips of Build an Effective CV

Even the cover letter is very important for your job application, the first document that recruiters will see is the curriculum vitae. And the fact is that they only spend about 10 seconds on each CV they receive for every job offer. It is then important to submit a very catchy and highly relevant resume. For this purpose, you can follow these tips.

List your Professional Experiences the Right Way

The experience section is essential on a CV. You have to present it the best way because recruiters are likely to only look at it while sorting out all the resumes they receive. Put each company name and size, sector of activity, start date and end date of the contract, position held, tasks performed, results obtained, number of people you had under your responsibility, etc. It is recommended to visit CV Creator to find the most appropriate CV template that will highlight perfectly this section.

Specify the Missions Carried Out for each Position Held

It is highly advised to mention the main missions and tasks carried out for each of your former positions held. Therefore, the recruiter will be able to get a better idea of all the skills and knowledge that you may have put into practice during your last professional experiences. In addition to describing the main tasks performed, do not hesitate to mention the results obtained to attract the reader’s attention even more. Be precise and concise and keep the details for the interview.

Stay Honest while Creating the CV

Lying in your curriculum is possible, but sooner or later it will catch up to you. So, stay honest and keep in mind that everything you mention in your CV can be questioned by the recruiter, which ultimately will make you fall into your own trap. Being honest is the best advice we can give. Plus, most headhunters now realize a background check before recruiting a candidate. Your reputation in the job market might suffer from a mere lie on your resume.

Accept Criticism While Building the CV

Do not hesitate to show your Curriculum Vitae to several people (friends, parents, family, etc.) in order to collect their criticisms. Seeking advice from people who have been working for long time is a good idea. You will receive different objective opinions that will help you improve your resume. When you finish, also ask them to proofread the CV to prevent incorrect spelling and poor grammar.