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Driving on Australian Roads: What You Need to Know?

Driving on Australian Roads: What You Need to Know?

Driving a car for the first time can be very exciting for most of the people, while it can be daunting for few people, especially if you are new to that country. The reason behind this is lack of expertise in driving. Having a driving license doesn’t mean that you are very good at driving. You should know about the speed limit, hazard prevention methods while driving and etc. When it comes to speed limit the maximum speed limit is generally 130km/hr in the Northern territories on highways. On the other hand, the national highway speed limit is 100km/hr. 

The speed limit outside the built-up area is 50km/hr.  Government will send you a notice to pay huge fine when you exceed the speed limit. The same is applicable for traffic rules violations as well. Hence, you have to make sure that you gain sound knowledge on the traffic rules in your location to avoid ending up paying huge penalties. Here are few more things which you should take care of before starting at your home. 

  • Don’t forget to carry your driving license with you if you are planning to drive your car on the Australian roads. 
  • Wearing a seatbelt is also important in Australia, and it is for the passenger’s safety only. Ignoring this rule while driving can land you in trouble. In fact, you will be asked to pay some huge amount as fine.
  • Driving your car while using your mobile phone is also against law, as this is one of the major causes for car accidents. There are also strict laws in place about this. 
  • Driving any vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs is also against law. And, if you are caught doing that, government will charge fine for it. 

You should also ensure that you don’t listen to loud music while driving your car to prevent road accidents. You should also ensure that you don’t get distracted by speaking with your friends or family members sitting in the back seat. Never drive your car without wearing your eyeglasses if you have eyesight. 

Which age group are most dangerous drivers?

When we speak about the age group, it is the teens who are the most dangerous drivers. There are a lot of teens who are driving the vehicles on road without getting the driving license, and this is something which parents should really think of if they want their children to come back home safely. Every parent should take some time to educate their children about the dangers of driving a car without getting a driving license. They should also teach their child about the importance of driving lessons.

If your child is really interested in driving then join them in a driving school like LTrent. No doubt, the driving instructor from driving schools like LTrent can make your child a pro in driving. Getting driving license in the first go is like a dream come true for many youngsters, and you can make that true by choosing a driving school like LTrent.