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French Art Deco Designs

A few weeks back, I visited a dear friend up at the M1 Concourse in Detroit, which is a combination of luxury garages surrounding a private track facility. As I made my way back to the airport he handed me this very cool series of vintage prints, which I’ve scanned below for your perusal. Starting with the fact that they are obviously French and from the 1930s, I learned upon further research that the René Villemer automotive paint company would create these sketches to show off their latest colors, sometime utilizing real vehicles, but often drafting made up transportation ideas from scratch like the examples below. One thing is certain, the French Art Deco is heavy here, and thankfully that whimsical streamline influence made its way to American auto design in the same decade. Just compare any US car model from 1926 to the same car in 1936, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Regardless, check out the fun rides below, and let me know your favorite: The floral-motif garden Ute, the Scarab style minibus with observation deck, the super Deco delivery truck with suicide doors, or the Zeppelin-inspired bubble van.


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