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History of the Woodie Car

The Woodie, or at times it is spelled Woody, was an early style of station wagon whereupon the rear part of the car’s bodywork was made of wood. This wood was commonly noticeable and coated in a very clear complete.

Whilst handful of serious Woodies are seen today as the notion was afterwards changed with replicated wood in the type of plastic or steel, the serious Woodies are quite precious, when found. The term Woodie came not only from its uncovered wood panels but its design. In Britain, the vehicle was named a Shooting Brake owing to the simple fact a ‘brake’ was a different term for a sturdy horse-drawn wagon, which of study course was where the Woodie notion obtained its get started. ?

In early times, when cars and trucks have been built, most have been made of aluminum or metal panels bolted on prime of a wood frame. Woodies have been more affordable to make as they didn’t have to have these panels. They have been also named station wagons in The us owing to the simple fact railway stations applied the autos for hauling baggage and transferring shipments.

Even though the Woodie was fewer pricey to make, it was not extensive in advance of Woodies have been built in luxurious type as well, like Europe’s Rolls-Royce Woodie.

In The us in the 30s, the Woodie was applied also by lodges, inns and nation clubs to have groups of folks and their baggage. The thought of having a vehicle with big quantities of area, caught on with wealthy landowners who required a vehicle suited for touring in the suburbs.

Through Entire world War II, conserving metal was vital this made the notion of applying wood as a substitute on autos great.  Following the war, a big amount of mass produced Woodie wagons turned pleasing to middle class families who required a vehicle to haul all their children close to in. The attractiveness of Woodies for personal transportation peaked by mid-century. And then it was on to anything new. By the late fifties and sixties, applied car dealers experienced plenty of low-priced, improperly managed wood-clad cars and trucks. However, the wagon’s most notable function, its wood body, was also its greatest downside. Wooden bodies demanded maintenance – not a problem for the wealthy with family staff. But as a ‘do-it-yourself’ chore, it was usually neglected. Manufacturers responded by applying fewer wood and extra metal. In the early fifties, woodie resale values plummeted and new wagons of metal simply seemed wood. This is when the surfers found out they could order an inexpensive car big ample for hauling their longboards. Hence, a sub-lifestyle and a car turned legend.

By 1955, only Ford and Mercury made available a woody-like design, but devoid of the serious wood. The wood visual appearance was owing to the use of simulated merchandise like DiNoc (a vinyl product or service) to simulate broad expanses of wood. Regarded as the Ford Nation Squire, this closely-trimmed total-dimensions wagon was a staple of the Ford line from the forties to the 1990s. In the 1960s the Morris Slight and Mini Traveller have been extra fundamental autos manufacturing unit built in Woodie style.

Reintroduction of woody adorned station wagons by other makers in The us commenced in 1966 when Dodge made available the glimpse for the very first time in fifteen decades. By 1967, simulated “wood” decoration was applied exclusively on prime line products, with unadorned autos denoting decrease price tag and position products.

The nostalgia close to the historic Woodies has pushed the price tag up on these first station wagons, but people who maintain them are preserving a big piece of America’s car background.