15/06/2024 7:55 PM

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How Brand Influencers Can Drive Business Revenue Growth: Reasons and Ways to Do It Properly

With the increasing popularity of influencer marketing, it’s understandable when there is a question arises concerning how brand influencers can drive business revenue growth. Influencers have strong presence and connection with their followers. In most cases, followers would be interested in what their influencers have to recommend because they believe in their idols. That’s why influencers can be a crucial core of business that can drive revenue and sales. 

Influencers’ Role and How They Are Important 

Never underestimate the role of influencers for business. Influencers have the power to affect their followers. They can sway their followers’ minds and decisions. When they say a product is good, for instance, it’s highly likely that there would be an increasing sales numbers of that product. On the contrary, when they say a product isn’t so good, it’s likely that the product will flop. Basically, influencers have the power to make a product becomes a huge hit or a huge flop. 

Everyone is basically an influencer. As  long as a person has a follower, he/she is an influencer. The bigger the number of the follower is, the bigger their impact and role as influencer. Someone doesn’t have to be a Hollywood celebrity to be an influencer. Like it was said before, even a regular and ordinary person can be an influencer in their social media. 

Hiring the Right Influencers for Business

It’s logical for brands to use the proper influencers; at least to the products they are selling. For instance, it would be smart for a health supplement brand to work together with an influencer with medical degree. You probably have seen a doctor with strong and big fanbase that is pretty active in doing health campaigns. Health supplement manufacturers should consider this kind of figure because it is aligned to their products and also the health message they try to convey. 

It would be odd for a health supplement producer to work with a cook, for instance. How is the cook qualified to promote the products? How would they be capable to explain the benefits and other perks of the products? This is why businesses should be smart in determining which influencer they want to hire. Choosing the improper influencers would seem fake and inorganic. It doesn’t feel right; for the brand and the influencers themselves. If businesses want to drive revenue, they should do it smartly. 

Build Positive Relationships

It takes two to tango; and it takes two to make a relationship works. You need influencers to broadcast your business and your existence. Influencers need brands for earnings. It’s a win-win solution, really. So, it is only reasonable to create a positive relationship between you and influencers. Just because you pay them or endorse them, it doesn’t mean that you have the right to treat them as you like. And it goes both ways for the influencers too. Positive relationship is healthy and it is fruitful on so many different levels and ways. 


All kinds of marketing methods can be fruitful, as long as you do it properly and within the right channel. If you know what you want (and expect) from the influencer marketing system, you have the answers to the question how brand influencers can drive business revenue growth.