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How to make your van safer

How to make your van safer

A van is an asset that it pays to protect, but what are the key factors that determine the security of your LCV and are there ways to improve safety to avoid theft and other issues?

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Assessing the threats

Van crime is on the rise, with some parts of the country seeing a rapid increase in the number of commercial vehicles being targeted by crooks. This goes hand in hand with the fact that there are more vans on the road than ever before.

The best way to ensure the safety of your van is to make yourself aware of the threats that face it and keep up to date with important developments, such as those relating to the techniques that criminals are using to subvert security systems.

In recent months, this has included cutting-edge devices that prevent remote central locking working properly and more basic – but nevertheless effective – tactics such as physically leveraging open side doors to gain access to the cargo areas.

If you know what might happen to your van, you will be better prepared to prevent it. Suppliers and installers such as vehicle-accessories.net offer various options to assist, from sturdy plylining to additional locks and much more besides.

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Taking action

There are various ways to stop thieves succeeding, but the best security solutions are those that dissuade them from making an attempt in the first place. Installing extra locks that are not only sturdy but also clearly visible and conspicuous on the exterior of the vehicle can be a big help. If a criminal realises at a glance that they will not be able to damage or crack them, they will move on.

You can also take the tech-savvy route of installing a camera in the cab of your van. This will not only help to record incidents when you are behind the wheel but can also monitor it when you are elsewhere.

If you are worried about the van being stolen in its entirety, investing in a GPS tracking system so that it can be recovered if the worst happens is sensible. Just be aware that as with any other precautions you take, you will need to spend a bit of cash upfront to get the long-term benefit of preventing theft in the future.