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Lamborghini-inspired automotive designs that capture the brand’s fierce spirit!

Lamborghini-inspired automotive designs that capture the brand’s fierce spirit!

When it comes to luxury sports cars, Lamborghini is always at the top of the list! For decades, the automobile manufacturer has got our heart racing with its menacing Automotives and their ingenious designs. From the original Lamborghini 350 GT to its latest  SUV -the Lamborghini Urus, each and every model has been high on innovation, authenticity, and of course killer speed. Their cars have been a source of major inspiration for automobile designers and enthusiasts all over the world! The result? A never-ending plethora of Lamborghini-inspired concepts that’ll have you itching for more. These groundbreaking concepts will have you wishing that Lamborghini adopts and turns them into a reality very soon!

Meet the E.V.E. Countach, a Lamborghini with strong Back To The Future vibes. Envisioned by Khyzyl Saleem, the car comes designed for the year 2090 and packs airless tires, DeLorean-style thrusters that lead me to believe the car is a portal into the past and future, and perhaps the most important detail, a cockpit with no space for a driver, because the E.V.E. Countach is capable of navigating the four dimensions on its own. The car comes with an edgy aggressive design that can be attributed to Lamborghini’s DNA, but with a touch of the Cybertruck. A metallic paint job, edge-lit headlamps and taillights, and exaggerated polygonal body panels give the Lamborghini a strong Brubaker-meets-Tesla appeal. The concept automobile seats just one, but it’s sure to give you quite the ride. Large windows and a sunroof allow you to observe your surroundings in stunning detail as you drive on roads, highways, and interstellar time portals… plus there are even rear-view mirrors, just for good measure.



THIS concept car doesn’t have a name as wicked as a hurricane, but it is pretty intimidating. The Lamborghini Verdugo, or the Lamborghini Executioner, is designed and named to strike fear into the hearts of other car companies! Taking inspiration from the arrow, a projectile known for its incredible escape velocity, the Verdugo is designed to look like an incredibly rapid shard that reaches breakneck speeds quietly (arrows don’t make any noise either). The Verdugo’s body is envisioned to be made out of Graphene infused Carbon Fiber, a material that has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios known to mankind, and makes clever use of the SV (SuperVeloce) graphic by incorporating the S design into the side vent detail. Plus, would you look at those absolutely wicked headlamps!

Designed as a tribute to Lamborghini’s incredible brand DNA and some spectacular looking automobiles, as well as a reminder of all the good work the company has done developing their supercar aesthetic, this is the Forsennato, a conceptual car created by Dmitry Lazarev, that combines the best parts of Lamborghini’s designs from the past couple of years. At first glance, you see headlights that are a hat tip to the unconventional line-based headlights of the Terzo Millennio, while the entire front profile definitely reminds one of the Aventador with a little extra edginess. The taillights follow the design direction set by the Veneno and carried forward with the Terzo Millennio. The car’s pentagonal wheel pattern is fairly signature Lamborghini too, while the dual-colored body isn’t something the Italian company has tinkered with much, but undoubtedly looks spectacular on this beast of an automobile!

An electric Lamborghini needs to be ferocious, but not in the same way a gasoline-powered Lamborghini is… a design brief Andrea Ortile hopes to demonstrate and explore with his conceptual electric Lamborghini E_X. Unlike fuel-powered engines, which have a reputation of being dirty energy, electric drivetrains are much cleaner, from a sustainability and impact perspective. This very distinction carries forward to the Lamborghini E_X, which comes with a clean, pristine design that’s characterized by two swooping lines that define its side profile. The E_X balances this clean minimalism very well with its signature raging-bull aggressive demeanor. The car’s aesthetic edginess isn’t too literal, but its incredibly slim headlights sure give it that angry appearance. The familiar Lamborghini cues are phased out (because this is an evolution), like the Y-shaped taillights or the hexagonal air-intakes on the front, but the overall silhouette of the car is unmistakeably Lamborghini.

Meet the Concepto X, a 3D exploration by Bulgaria-based Milen Ivanov. There isn’t much to really dissect this as far as the car goes, because honestly, it’s just a form-exercise, but it’s a pretty neat form exercise that captures Lamborghini’s ‘essenza’ if you will. Take a second to cover the Lamborghini logo with your thumb and it still looks undeniably Lambo-ish. Here are a couple of reasons how Ivanov managed to do it. First off, edgy, chiseled exteriors and an interplay of yellow with black trims is just a very signature Lamborghini move. The Concepto X does exactly that, with the amber-colored paint job and a black trim at its base. The Concepto X also comes with Lamborghini’s signature ‘Y’ shaped lights, not just on the back, but even on the front. Some would argue that these glowing lights alone are enough to be able to identify a Lamborghini in the dark. The Concepto X even ditches the rear windshield for its signature patterned air-intakes that became popular with the Aventador and Huracan. Speaking of air intakes, the angled intakes at the very front, right below the headlights scream Lamborghini too.

Designed for the year 2022, when Lamborghini realizes that the Urus needs an overhaul either because it’s selling like hot cakes, or not selling at all, the Agressivo (a concept SUV by Fernando Pastre Fertonani) is, quite simply put, more tastefully Lamborghini-esque. You see, the Urus was a major deviation for Lamborghini, which usually makes cars that aren’t dictated by commercial needs, but rather by a need for speed. Urus, even aesthetically, stuck to the Lamborghini as much as it could, but tried to look less aggressive and more road-friendly. The Agressivo SUV does the opposite. You see, an aggressive demeanor doesn’t necessarily make a car look less street-legal or commercial. Agressivo’s demeanor is more in line with Lamborghini’s sportscars, but it comes in the format of an SUV, with wide tires, higher road clearance, and strangely enough, just two doors. The headlights have the same menacing glare that’s expected of Lamborghini’s automobiles, while the edge-lit taillight comes with the signature sideways ‘Y’ shape that’s also become a strong part of Lamborghini’s contemporary DNA.


When you anticipate seeing a Lamborghini you expect the extreme and the Apis is no let-down. Named after the most highly regarded bull deity of ancient Egypt, the Apis stands out from other models with a distinct dual-cockpit design that gives driver and passenger entirely unique riding experiences and the aesthetic a two-headed twist. This detail makes way for an extra large central scoop for air cooling the rear mounted engine. The nose and impossibly low profile are pretty standard for Lambo, but the rear features a tiered tail with lateral fins for diffusing pressure. The resulting windswept look is strange, sure, but not entirely unrealistic for a Lambo.


The chances of Lamborghini making a pickup truck are about as good as us colonizing Mars! Just for kicks, the Lambo Mars X1 explores both! Designed for future martian dwellers, this ultramodern pickup truck features all the fixings needed to rover the red planet. Whether it’s for collecting soil samples or storing medical supplies, this vehicle is all about storage. Aside from its main bed, which can be used for hauling larger items, it has all sorts of nooks and crannies for maximizing unused space. This even includes the wheels which feature built in storage in the center. The large mecanum wheels are not only capable of covering rough terrain forwards and backwards, but also allow the vehicle to move or turn in any direction on the spot. Each operates independently. For enhanced maneuverability, the body is also flexible and capable of stretching or becoming more compact when necessary.

The Lamborghini brand is one in which concept designers can let their imaginations run wild. A few, however, are purists and draw inspiration from the subtler days of the Diablo and Countach. Though it’s a spin on the Aventador, the Matador concept is a reminder of why we started liking the Golden Bull to begin with. It’s an evolution of the classic brand language that also integrates new visual elements. Design elements like the panoramic roof window, rearview cameras (known from the Urus concept, replacing redundant exterior rear view mirrors) and fighter jet inspired tailpipes are futuristic details of the super sport car vision. The revolutionary design includes all key aspects of Lamborghini’s formal language; the monobody-design, clear surfaces, and the Lamborghini’s typical direct line from the hood to the front windshield is intensified by the extended panoramic a roof.


Created by rendering firm NeoMam Studios, this series looks at cars that are a result of two companies coming together to fuse their styles. You’ve got a BMW + Lamborghini mashup right above that combines the Italian supercar manufacturer’s edgy style and signature yellow body-color with BMW’s signature kidney grille. At the end of the day, the car’s still a stunner!