22/07/2024 10:15 AM

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Marqued is a Porsche-backed classic car auction site for all brands

There’s a new location to buy and sell classic cars online, and surprisingly this one is backed by an automaker.

Marqued is a classic car trading website that was launched last summer by Porsche Digital, Porsche’s division aimed at developing digital business models. It started out purely as a blog to share stories about classic cars, but the decision was eventually made to add an auction section due to interest from readers wanting to own the cars being written about.

This combination of story telling and trading cars helps set Marqued apart from some of the existing classic car trading websites, such as the hugely popular Bring a Trailer. Marqued is also aimed more toward the enthusiast end of town, meaning you’ll find affordable models for sale. A quick search of some past sales show a 1995 BMW M3 that was sold for $14,600 and a 2005 Subaru WRX STI that was sold for $34,000.

Marqued also aims to make it easier for newcomers to the world of classic car ownership. For example, instead of the typical one-week auctions many rival sites feature, Marqued’s auctions run for two weeks. This takes some of the stress out for bidders, as it gives them more time to ask the seller questions or arrange inspections, either in person or at an agreed upon mechanic.

It’s still early days as Marqued only ran its first auctions in late 2021. There are only six live auctions at the time of writing, though the team at Marqued is steadily adding more vehicles and plans to continuously build out the platform.