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Phoenix woman gets $2,435 check from car wash that damaged her car


PHOENIX (3Television/CBS 5) — Martha Otero suggests thanks to On Your Side, she has this check for far more than $2,435. How do you come to feel?” On Your Side’s Gary Harper asked her. “Ecstatic. Relieved. I’m so joyful she replied. “I am very happy that I contacted On Your Side.

In a earlier On Your Aspect report, Martha advised us how she went by a Thoroughly clean Freak car wash in downtown Phoenix. But when she was inside of the wash tunnel, something occurred. “I could not see everything. All of the unexpected there was a large bang. And I’m like, oh my gosh, what just took place. And then there was another bang,” spelled out Martha.

That banging was Martha’s car ramming into a motor vehicle in front of her, and she was then rear-ended by the car driving her. The incident still left front and rear bumpers harmed. “Okay, obviously cracked and with a gaping gap here,” Harper reported as he surveyed the problems.

There was a collision just exterior of the wash tunnel stopping cars from exiting, causing a log jam within. Law enforcement arrived and in their report, mentioned, “It seems that the car wash was responsible for the collisions as no one particular was observing the exit to guarantee it was very clear of obstructions.”

Martha submitted estimates for much more than $2,000 to get her car fixed and named Clear Freak many moments. But she claims the business ignored her for virtually two months.

However, matters changed once On Your Facet got involved, and I received a keep of Clear Freak management. The firm apologized and then hand-delivered a check to Martha for a lot more than $2,435. “I’m going to deposit this verify, and I’m receiving my card repaired,” Martha mentioned, smiling.

On Your Side appreciates Clean Freak’s quick resolution, and she programs on receiving her car repaired in the next two months.


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