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In the age of digitization and IT, virtually every industrial sector leverages some form of software to increase productivity and achieve greater functionality. The automotive and automobile sector is one such example which has greatly benefited from the use of different software to offer innovative solutions. This trend has created a niche for different software developers and designers who primarily focus on automotive software solutions. As a result, many software development companies prioritize gaining expertise in automobile related products and services since the projects on offer are quite lucrative. Some interesting areas of automotive software solutions are discussed below:

Repairs and Maintenance Management

Garages and repair shops can enhance their automotive services with a management software. It can cover a vast number of aspects which can make the repair and maintenance process as efficient as possible. Inventory management and automatic reordering of spare parts with low stock levels mean that a job is rarely turned down due to unavailability of a necessary part. Furthermore, activities and availability of technicians can be monitored by the managers to ensure that all resources are utilized properly. On the other hand, customers can track the repair progress of their vehicle remotely from a mobile app and avoid waiting long hours in the shop.

Safety and Accident Prevention

Safety features of a vehicle are highly important as they protect not only those who are on-board but also prevent any harm to the surroundings as well. Software in modern cars have different accident prevention features that minimize the impact of human errors. For instance, cars have automated braking which prevent crashes in cases where the driver was not able react quickly to apply brakes. Similarly, an alert system to highlight objects in blind spots reduce the chances of a collision during tricky turns and reversing.

Navigation and Route Optimization

Navigation software in vehicles has been around for a while but the technology has been refined exponentially over the course of time. The driver is now able to follow checkpoints which are displayed on the dashboard screen and verbally explained by a voice assistant. The routing has become dynamic so in case of a traffic jam or any kind of blockage on the road, the navigation software is able to provide the driver with an alternative route where possible so that the journey time is as low as possible.

Self-Driving Vehicles

Self-driving vehicles are seen as the future of daily commutes by many tech companies. That is why they have made huge investments in the software powering the self-driving vehicles. While there are ethical challenges for implementing a complete self-driving vehicle such as the decision of saving human life in cases where an accident becomes unavoidable, partially self-driving vehicles are gradually becoming common. The software can allow the vehicle to be put in auto-drive mode after setting the destination. The car would take over the driving controls and continue towards the destination. The driver would still have the option for manual override and take the control back from the vehicle.

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