Top Automotive Lifestyle Brand Chemical Guys Unveils Two New Precision Paint Restoration Products That Work Together for a Fast-Acting, Flawless Shine

C4 Clear Cut Correction Compound, a fast-cutting paint correction compound, is designed to rapidly remove scratches and swirls, sanding marks, acid rain etching, holograms, and 1200-grit and finer sanding marks with both DA and rotary polishers, delivering maximum and instantaneous paint correction. The product’s unique, non-dusting formula utilizes consistent-cut technology to produce a smooth, even cut from start to finish for superior results faster and easier than achieved with traditional polishes or compounds. Depending on the paint type, C4 can be used as a standalone product to achieve amazing results.

P4 Precision Paint Perfection Polish is the versatile, perfect follow-up to C4 Clear Cut Correction Compound, capable of correcting 2000-grit and finer sanding marks without dusting or leaving behind residue, making it especially easy to work with. By producing the highest level of paint perfection, deep reflection and mirror gloss, P4 removes light swirls and scratches and slight hazing from all glossy paint with a DA or rotary polisher, adding tons of depth and reflection in minimal time. Be sure to use P4 Precision Paint Perfection Polish before you ceramic coat, seal or wax your vehicle for a pristine paint finish, ensuring maximum durability and longevity of your protective coating. You can also use P4 as a standalone product when you have light defects to reveal a brilliant shine.

“Paint correction has long been an intimidating part of the auto detailing process. Especially for someone that has never navigated a sea of compounds, glazes, polishes and pads,” said Chemical Guys’ Chief Revenue Officer, John Mansfield. “That makes the launch of C4 and P4 exciting, considering this pairing, combined with instructional videos on the Chemical Guys YouTube channel, offers an easy-to-understand approach allowing anyone to take on improving minor imperfections without removing paint or clear coat.”

Available for purchase on February 17 at and Detail Garage locations nationwide, C4 Clear Cut Correction Compound and P4 Precision Paint Perfection Polish will both retail for $18.99.

Driven by adventure, a passion for shine, and a love for the road ahead, Chemical Guys is a worldwide leader in automotive detailing products for car care enthusiasts and professionals. From exclusive small-batch waxes to cutting edge ceramic coatings, and specialty cleaners for exteriors and interiors, Chemical Guys sets the industry standard when it comes to product innovation, technological advancement and education. Based in Southern California, Chemical Guys has evolved from a handful of passionate car fanatics to a global lifestyle brand with the largest digital library of automotive detailing “how to” content available. Learn more and join the Chemical Guys family at

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SOURCE Chemical Guys

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