Vehicle battery company announces expansion in Bowling Green, creates 2,000 new jobs



FRANKFORT, Ky. — Envision AESC, a world-leading Japanese electric vehicle battery technology company, along with Gov. Andy Beshear, announced today its $2 billion investment to build a new, state-of-the-art gigafactory in the Kentucky Transpark in Bowling Green.

The 30GWh plant will create 2,000 skilled jobs in the region, producing battery cells and modules to power the next generation EVs produced for multiple global automotive manufacturers, according to a news release.

“We are thrilled that Envision AESC – the world’s leading EV battery technology company – has picked Kentucky. Envision AESC is making the second largest economic development investment Kentucky has ever seen, investing $2billion to build a new, state-of-the-art EV battery gigafactory in Bowling Green,” Beshear said. “Even better: This project will create 2,000 great jobs of the future for residents in the Warren County region. And with this investment Envision AESC will generate a 30GWh site, which increases Kentucky’s production to 116GWh, making the commonwealth the nation’s top producer of electric vehicle batteries.”

The investment cements Kentucky’s leading role in the automotive industry of the future. For Envision AESC, the facility marks the next stage of growth. The company will produce new generation battery cells with 30% more energy density than the current generation, reduced charging time and increased range and efficiency for EVs, powering up to 300,000 vehicles annually by 2027.

These high-tech capabilities will increase the cost-competitiveness and technological expertise of EV battery production in Kentucky and in the U.S., making electric vehicles more accessible and affordable for motorists. The gigafactory will be powered by 100% renewable energy, supplied by onsite generation and purchased locally from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), ensuring the plant helps drive progress toward decarbonizing the state’s industrial sector.

“We are pleased to partner with Kentucky and Bowling Green as part of our next phase battery strategy to power next generation EVs in the U.S. This major investment builds on our commitment to the U.S. market, supports growth of the electrification supply chain and secures high value jobs for future generations in the region,” said CEO of Envision AESC Group, Shoichi Matsumoto. “This commitment takes us one step further toward our ambition to make high-performance, longer-range batteries for a diverse range of automotive manufacturers worldwide to support the EV transition.”

Officials said the new plant will produce batteries for a growing number of electric vehicle manufacturers and create 2,000 new high-value jobs in the region when at full capacity.

“Thank you, Envision AESC, for bringing the world’s leading battery technology company to Bowling Green, Kentucky. Your company’s intention to lead the de-carbonization revolution through electric vehicle battery solutions seamlessly aligns with our goal to not only support but accelerate electrification for greener, cleaner communities,” said TVA President and CEO Jeff Lyash. “We welcome you to an area that is quickly becoming the destination of choice for electric vehicle manufacturing and a community we are privileged to serve.”

The plant will be approximately 3 million square feet and marks one of the largest economic projects in the commonwealth’s history. Selected for its strong automotive manufacturing base, skilled workforce and excellent infrastructure, Kentucky is already the nation’s No. 1 producer of cars, light trucks and SUVs per capita and the center of Auto Alley in the U.S.

The new strategic partnership with Kentucky provides up to $116.8million from state incentive programs and up to $5 million grant-in-aid for skills training.

As the latest investment by Envision AESC to help scale up EV manufacturing capabilities in strategically important regions, the plant follows last year’s announcements to build gigafactories in Douai, France, and Sunderland, U.K. This brings Envision AESC’s total capacity to approximately 150GWh worldwide and advances its commitment to reach 300GWh by 2026. As with Bowling Green in Kentucky, all plants will be powered by low carbon energy and digitally enabled with smart infrastructure software to optimise the energy footprint.

As an integral part of its global strategy, Envision AESC works collaboratively with businesses, supply chains, academic institutions and governments to accelerate the transition to zero emissions mobility in the coming decades. Envision AESC has committed to achieve net zero carbon emissions in all global operations by 2022 and carbon neutrality across the whole value supply chain by 2028.


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