Watch: This robot can paint a car in less than 30 minutes


Automotive technology provider ABB has showcased a painting robot that is capable of painting a car in just 30 minutes.

By : HT Auto Desk
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11 May 2022, 11:43 AM

The car painting robot in action.
The car painting robot in action.

Swedish automotive technology company ABB has claimed that it has developed a painting robot for automotive applications that is capable of painting a car in just 30 minutes. To show off how wild the technology and the paintbot are, the company has released a video that shows how the paint robots are creating the world’s first fully machine painted art car.

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The company also claims that it has teamed up with artists to create two different designs, which were recreated by its vehicle painter robot on the surface of the vehicle. The company claims that the two different designs were complex in nature, but the robot painter was able to recreate them without any kind of human intervention. Also, the painter robot took less than 30 minutes to recreate both designs.

The painter robot is claimed to have 1,000 nozzles in the printer head that can apply paint very close to the surface of the vehicle so that there is no overspray. This technology also claims to prevent airborne misting. The company claims that this painting technology and the robot can help the automakers to save up to 60 per cent on time and costs compared to the conventional vehicle painting process.

The robot uses PixelPaint technology that uses precise painting methods in a sustainable manner. As there is a lack of overspray, there is no requirement for masking material and additional ventilation as well. This is claimed to save both material and energy costs along with time.

Interestingly, German luxury car brand BMW too introduced similar technology in its paint shop in 2021. The automaker claimed that this precision painting technology is capable of saving as much as 6,000 mWh of power every year and also reducing the paint shop’s carbon footprint by nearly 2,000 tonnes.

First Published Date: 11 May 2022, 11:42 AM IST


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