20/04/2024 2:29 PM

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What Button Have You Never Pressed In Your Car?


Automotive technology has come a long way since the days of old when optional equipment was rare. Nowadays there are so many buttons, switches, and knobs in vehicles that some never get used by owners. With that in mind, we’re wondering what button you might never have used in your own vehicle.

Sometimes vehicles have a number of buttons and switches that owners don’t even know about. For example, many BMW and MINI owners don’t know that they can lower all of their vehicle’s windows by hitting the unlock button twice and holding it down on the second press. Of course, that’s a button that’s pressed regularly and we’re looking for ones that you’ve never used.

One button that we hope you’ve never pressed is the onboard help button like OnStar. While not always intended for emergencies, using a help button like that tends to only happen when something is wrong. We think there might be a few that you’ve intentionally avoided though.

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Autonomous driving controls are another feature that some owners might actively avoid utilizing. We’ve heard from many of you that technologies built to take over some of the driving are a big no-no. Does that apply to just features like lane-keep assist and adaptive cruise control or would you prefer a vehicle without any such technology?

It’s also worth noting that a number of us might own vehicles that have specialized features that we’ve never had the chance to take advantage of. For example, a Ford Bronco with a full suite of G.O.A.T. modes might not have used any of them if it’s been used for nothing other than going from one mall to the next.

In addition, some inexpensive EVs like the Chevrolet Bolt have Launch Control as if they’re some sort of Ferrari competitor. We wonder how many Bolt EV owners have actually used that feature and if it outnumbers the number of owners that don’t even know it exists, to begin with.

We’re sure you’ll have a bunch of great answers though so let us know in the comments below! What button in your car have you never pressed?


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