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What to Expect During a Test Drive at a Chevy Dealership

Purchasing a new vehicle is a huge decision. It’s essential to find a car that fits your lifestyle and needs. During a test drive, you can get a feel for the vehicle.

While driving, listen for squeaking or anything else that may indicate something is wrong.


If you’re serious about buying a new car, the test drive is critical to your research. It’s a chance to see how you feel in the driver’s seat and get an overall sense of the vehicle’s performance, comfort, and safety features.

Most dealerships require a salesperson to accompany you during the test drive due to the risk of theft and joyriding. This is understandable but can also prevent you from truly experiencing the car.

Ask to take the car alone so that you can focus on how it feels and sounds. Keep the salesperson from keeping you on the smooth pavement; try out a highway and see how it handles at higher speeds. Ensure you also test the brakes – does the car slow down quickly? And do you feel confident with its steering and handling? If not, it’s time to move on.


The modern Chevy dealership near Mechanicsburg lineup has high-tech features designed to enhance your experience behind the wheel. These innovations can range from entertainment and navigation to communication and safety.

For example, some vehicles offer built-in Amazon Alexa so you can play your favorite music and stay updated with your schedule from the comfort of your Chevy Trailblazer. Other models have advanced safety technology like lane keep assist with lane departure warning and low-speed forward automatic braking.

If you’re considering a specific model, ask if it is possible to take it home for an overnight test drive. This may require a dealership staff member to join you, as they face serious theft, damage, and mileage risks by letting you drive their car for the night. However, if you can convince the dealer that this is an essential feature for your car-buying journey, they may allow it. Bring a friend and your gear to see how the vehicle holds up under real-world circumstances.


A test drive can feel like a gamble if you’re not a car expert. But a few simple steps can ensure that you make the most of this time behind the wheel and come away with a clear idea of whether or not you’re ready to buy.

During your test drive, ask the salesperson to simulate your typical commute and other driving conditions (city streets, highways, twisty roads). This will give you a good sense of how the vehicle performs in a variety of scenarios and gives you a chance to assess the comfort level of the ride and handling.

Also, look under the car, listening for any squeaks or rattles that might indicate mechanical problems down the line. Modern Chevy vehicles offer several safety features that work with your safe driving habits to keep you and your passengers as secure as possible. These include automatic emergency braking, which responds faster than most human drivers and reduces your risk of a front-end collision.


Many dealers offer overnight test drives for customers serious about buying a car. This may seem surprising, but it’s a proven sales technique that allows buyers to grow more comfortable with the car at home, where they can focus on its driving qualities and make a more confident purchase decision.

During your test drive, take time to scrutinize the vehicle. Look for things that may take time to be apparent, like how well the windshield wipers work or whether the ashtray door opens and closes. Also, consider what accessories you’d want to add to the vehicle. Some common ones include anti-theft devices, nitrogen in tires, chrome-plated wheels, and all-season floor mats.

Finally, bring a friend and whatever cargo you’d typically carry in the vehicle. This will help you get a more realistic sense of how easy it is to put everything in and out. It will also allow you to evaluate the rear seat area if you plan on taking kids along on trips or hauling equipment.