22/07/2024 10:56 AM

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Would You Race A Ford Explorer Police Car?


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This fun-loving Sheriff is ready to take on everyone at the drag strip.

The cops are something that we all watch out for as automotive enthusiasts, as many of the harmless and innocent mods that we do to our cars can end us up in jail. Whether our cars are “too loud,” flamboyant, or fast, it can be said that the politicians like to make new laws restricting our community for literally no reason backed up by evidence. Notice how we said politicians; that’s because, just like you and me, most cops are normal working people with just as much interest in high-performance cars as us. This particular guy is rolling around in what appears to be his genuine Sheriff Ford Explorer cop car.

First up on the competitors’ list is a Nissan GTR that utilizes the best modern all-wheel-drive system and a potent 3.8-liter V6 engine to lay down some insane times at the track. We assume that the cop was at least a little curious to see how his massive SUV would compare to the compact sports car in a race. Finally, the light turned green, and both cars took off, with drivers seemingly mashing the gas at full force. This sent both the GTR and the cop squealing down the strip at high speeds, which resulted in an impressive 16-second quarter-mile time for the Explorer. Of course, the GTR boasted a far faster 11-second time, but it was still pretty cool to see the big cruiser take on the challenge.

The final competitor for the police officer is a massively powerful Ford Mustang, which has sort of an outlaw status on the streets of the good ole USA. This perfectly paints the picture of a “Dukes Of Hazzard” or “Smokey And The Bandit” type situation of a pony car on the run from the cops. After a 12-second pass down the dragstrip, the Mustang took the first place prize, with the cop running a similar time to his previous one. It’s super cool to see a police officer showing off his passion for going fast at the track and having some fun with fellow car enthusiasts.

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