$1.45M Home Modeled After A 1930s Garage With A 2,000 Sq Ft Garage Is A Gearhead’s Dream House


Most people who drive past this house at 221 Oak Street in Natick, Massachusetts would likely never have a clue about the gigantic garage that lies inside its walls. Historians and old-timers might know better though because the outer stone facade is designed to mimic the style found in a 1930s mechanic’s garage.

From the street, the front of the building is pretty simple. The central door is flanked by matching windows on each side and the driveway leads to a large single garage door on one side of the property. Those fortunate enough to have opened and entered that garage door have found a car lover’s dream.

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The exterior of the house mimics the design of a 1930s garage | Kerry Howell Photography

Technically, this is a 3,000 sq. ft building / home comprising of 1,000 sq. ft of living space for humans and the…remaining 2,000 sq. ft for their cars. Who said gear-heads weren’t practical people?

Inside the luxuriously trimmed 2,000 sq ft garage space are five different parking bays as well as a two-post lift for working on cars in the same manner that a professional would. Multiple workbenches, storage spaces, and even a couple of desks are all included in the large open area and don’t detract from the storage space meant for heavy metal. Needless to say, the entire space is fully heated.

Large windows allow lots of natural light into the garage and just off of it, you’ll find two additional rooms. The first is a simple but classy-looking half bath and the other is a full bar with seating for four and a large screen TV mounted on the wall. That’s the definition of an auto enthusiast’s man-cave.

This home’s garage looks better than your house | Kerry Howell Photography

The rest of the house includes one bedroom and 2 bathrooms

With all of the attention on the garage, it might be easy to think that the actual residence that’s built on 0.3 acres of land is a bit of an afterthought but that’s not the case. It’s also fitted with old-school classic design facets like retro-themed kitchen appliances and crown molding. Of course, it’s considerably smaller in the residence portion of the home at 1,000 sq ft or a third the building.

Priced at $1,450,000 over at Hello2Boston , it has just a single bedroom and a single full bathroom. That’s quite a high asking price if it weren’t for the stunning automotive section, even for the red-hot market of Massachusetts. Still, it might be a bit high to swallow considering that the new owner will need to be content with the tight living quarters.

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