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7 Best Spark Plug Wires For Chevy 350 With Headers in 2022

Are you looking for the best spark plug wires for chevy 350 with headers? If yes, then you are at the right place. Today, Locar Deals will help you find the best replacements for your Chevrolet small-block engine.

Spark plugs and their wires are crucial for a healthy engine. Not only this, they play a vital role in improving your car’s engine performance.

Chevy 350 engine is a small-block V7 engine, one of the most famous & overall best engines of the 20th century. So, if you own one and are facing issues with its performance, you might want to look under the hood.

Over time spark plugs, like any other mechanical part of your car, wears out. But ignorance can lead to hazardous outcomes. So, it is better to have them replaced.

This article will talk about the top 7 Chevy 350 under header spark plug wires, buying guide, and various benefits you can enjoy.

So, let us get started.

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Chevy 350 engine is well known for its performance, durability, smoothness, and quite an operation. But this all goes away if there are any issues with the spark plugs and their wires.

So, if you are not getting the standard output from your Chevrolet 350, you might need to replace those spark plugs & wires.

Below we have listed our top picks of spark plugs & spark plugs wires:

  1. JDMSPEED 10.5mm Spark Plug Wire Set With 90 Degree Boots on Both Ends – Top Pick
  2. MSD 32829 12″ Long Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire Set With Low Resistance
  3. SAILEAD 10.5mm 9pcs High Performance Spark Plug Wire Set
  4. Taylor Cable 64658 High-Temperature Resistant Long Lasting Spark Plug Wires
  5. JDMSPEED Spiral Wound Design High Performance Spark Plug Ignition Wires – Top Pick
  6. Vkinman 10.5 MM High Performance Electronic Ignition HEI Plug Wire Set (9Pcs) – Top Pick
  7. MAS 8.5MM High-Performance Silicone Spark Plug Wire Set With dielectric strength insulator 

3 Major Types Of Spark Plug Wires You Can Come Across

Generally, there are three types of spark plug wires available on the market, and they differ in terms of compatibility, base features, and more.

Get familiar with the different spark plug wires you can buy for your Chevy 350.

  • Distributed Resistance Wires

The distributed resistance spark plug wires are the most commonly used in modern automobiles and are built from quality fiberglass fused with carbon.

Due to the presence of carbon, these wires possess high resistance, which is a much-needed quality to reduce radio frequency interference.

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  • Magnetic Resistance Wires

Inductive or Induced style plug wires are made with copper wires or nickel alloy from spiral cores wound. These wires are less resistive to electricity and thus require less current to generate the spark.

The fixed resistor wires are generally steel and copper with plug boots with resistors inside. 

They are primarily used in European cars and are designed to need less current to generate a spark. Also, these plug wires lead to minor misfires compared to others.

How To Get The Best High-Performance Spark Plugs For Chevy 350?

Spark plugs and their wires play a crucial role in controlling the engine’s productivity to a great extent. One can quickly notice the substantial change if their machine has high-quality spark plug wires.

But many people complain that despite having top-grade spark wires, their engine isn’t feeling good. The sole reason is that the cables do not go well with their respective machines.

Many car owners fail to choose the correct spark plug wire for their ride. It is not always ignorance but that they are unaware of what to look for when making the purchase.

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This section has listed the easy buying guide that will help you find the best spark plug wires for chevy 350 with headers.

You first need to look for all the essential and crucial information about your vehicle and its engine. Knowing how your Chevy 350 is placed and works with other components helps greatly.

Go through your vehicle’s owner’s manual and look for the spark plug details mentioned by the makers. This way, you will know what type of spark plugs are suitable for your car.

If you are shopping for your spark plug wires, you need to ensure their compatibility with your vehicle. Just because a product is of a top brand does not mean it will be ideal for your ride.

Nowadays, almost every carmaker mentions the wire set compatibility with their particular engine model. So, check the label carefully to find it.

Spark plug wires come in different materials. Quality and build of every part of your vehicle are crucial to ensure your safety. Spark plug wires are made with varying materials like iridium, nickel, platinum, silver, silicone, & others.

The material you choose contributes properties to the wires and affects their performance, voltage passage, efficiency, and longevity. So, choose your fabric wisely.

The durability of any product you purchase is essential, and this goes for those spark plug wires for Chevy 350.

A durable spark plug wire will protect your engine from heat and damage and even offer longevity.

If you opt for header proof plug wires that come with high voltage capacity, easy installation, and low resistance, you will see a rejuvenated engine in your vehicle.

To buy the right amount of plug wires, you need to ensure the exact number of spark plugs installed in your car. Knowing the same number will ensure you are not short & neither you overbuy.

Count the number of cylinders in the car or teh number of wires installed. It will determine the total number of cables you need.

How long should your plug wire be is another factor to consider. You need to know the distance between the distributors to the spark plugs.

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Spark plug wires come in various lengths. If you do not get the right length measure, you might have cables too long or too short.

As your vehicle is working engine and its parts are going to heat up to a great extent. In such cases, you need wires with high heat tolerance.

If you go cheap on the wires, they can quickly melt down and result in a damaged engine.

So, spark plug wires with higher heat tolerance are necessary for your engine’s good health.

Money is one of the top things that affect your purchase. You would want to purchase the spark plug wires that are of high quality and can help in increasing your engine’s efficiency.

But this does not mean you have to go super expensive, and neither does it mean to eye the wires with a cheap price tag.

Look for all the crucial properties a spark plug wire must have and, more prominently, what your engine requires. Based on that, you can filter out many unworthy pricey items and easily find one with a cost worth spending.

Your search for the best spark plug wires for sbc with headers will be a success only if you know the current condition of your engine. Check out whether your currently placed plug wires are melting, breaking, etc.

But finding the suitable one from the bunch can be a challenging task. Thus, we bring you our detailed review of the seven best spark plug wires for Chevy 350.

Each mentioned product is from a reputed brand, holds high quality, excellent customer ratings, and acceptable price.

Let us go through each product and help you find the right one for your automobile.

1. JDMSPEED 10.5mm Spark Plug Wire Set With 90 Degree Boots on Both Ends

spark plugs for chevy 350 with headers
  • Brand- JDMSPEED
  • Material- Copper
  • Dimension-10.24 x 2.56 x 7.68 inches
  • Weight- 2.51 pounds
  • 10.5mm racing spark plug wires
  • Universal set for SBC & BBC Chevy engines
  • Metallic finish
  • Easy to install
  • Electronic Ignition HEI Plug Wires, 90 Degree Boots on Both Ends

The first product on our list of best spark plug wires for Chevy 350 with headers is JDMSPEED’s new 10.5mm spark plug wire set. The product comes with a universal design and 90-degree boots on both ends for a better fit.

The spark plug is made with a spiral-wound copper conductor with meagre resistance. The outer layer is of silicone insulator that resists high temperatures.

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The makers have constructed the spark plug with high-performance ignition wires to offer more spark to the plugs. 

The best thing is that these plug wires will not interfere with other onboard electrical parts, making them ideal for your Chevy 350 engine.

Lastly, this product offers powerful performance with outstanding conductivity at an affordable price.

  • Affordable
  • Made from premium quality
  • Highly durable
  • Pure silicone insulator outer layer

2. MSD 32829 12″ Long Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire Set With Low Resistance

shorty spark plugs for chevy 350 with headers
  • Brand- ‎MSD Ignition
  • Material- Copper
  • Dimension-‎10.1 x 10.8 x 2.7 inches
  • Weight- ‎1.76 ounces
  • Low resistance
  • Offer effective EMI suspension
  • Durable outer sleeve
  • 12″ long wires
  • Offer 50 ohms of resistance

MSD 32829 is one of the most reliable spark plugs for chevy 350 with headers you can buy. This wire set has meagre resistance and no electronic interference.

The wires are 8.5mm thick, and each one is 12 inches long, offering around 50 ohms of resistance.

The copper alloy conductor is used all due to its excellent carrying capacity. Low resistance leads to minimal loss of energy and offers you quick & effective sparks every time.

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A conductor is twisted tightly around a particular centre core. When combined with a ferromagnetic center, the overall winding procedure gives effective EMI suspension.

The outer sleeve for each wire is designed to provide resistance to high temperatures or heat. The stainless steel terminals feature dual crimp tabs to hold the outer jacket and wire conductor separately.

  • Low resistance
  • EMI suppression is impressive & effective
  • Affordable
  • A fitting issue with long tube headers

3. SAILEAD 10.5mm 9pcs High-Performance Spark Plug Wire Set

best spark plug wires for sbc with headers
  • Brand- ‎SAILEAD
  • Dimension-11.18 x 9 x 3.03 inches
  • Weight- ‎2.53 pounds
  • Universal set for SBC & BBC Chevy engines
  • 90-degree boots on one end
  • 100% pure silicone insulator outer layer
  • Electronic ignition HEI plug wires
  • Compatible with SBC BBC HEI 350 383 454

SAILEAD offers one of the best sets of high-performance ignition wires in 2022. This 10.5mm spark plug set is ideal for your Chevy 350, and it is an electronic HEI plug wire set that comes with 90-degree boots on one end.

All the wires feature a high temperature hundred per cent pure silicone insulator outer layer, which makes it immune to the high temperature.

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Its spiral wound copper includes low resistance combined with high EMI suppression. It helps bring the highest possible power to the ignition upgrades to achieve the wire’s full potential.

These spark wires will not create any interference with your other onboard electronics. Lastly, the affordability makes it an attractive choice to resist.

  • Affordable
  • Heavy-duty silicone outer layer
  • 90 degrees boots on one end
  • Has silicone insulator outer layer
  • A few customers had issues with the boots’ fit

4. Taylor Cable 64658 High-Temperature Resistant Long Lasting Spark Plug Wires

chevy 350 under header spark plug wires
  • Brand- Taylor Cable
  • Dimension-‎3 x 11.5 x 10 inches
  • Weight- ‎‎2.1 pounds
  • Oil resistant insulation
  • Durable
  • High temperature resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Made in the USA
  • Affordable

64628 is an 8mm spark plug custom wire set from Taylor Cable that features oil-resistant insulation, higher temperature tolerance, high durability, etc.

If you want to make your engine feel alive, these spark wires will provide a high voltage level to the engine.

This wire set is custom because it is available in two different cores, namely resistor core & wire core. Wire cores are inferior to Resistor cores in eliminating radio frequency interference.

These high energy spark plug cables come with a reinforced fibreglass jacket. The spiral core is made of tinner copper weld wire capable of withstanding high temperatures.

With these shorty spark plugs for chevy 350 with headers, you can see a boost in your horsepower & torque along with the resistance to radio interference.

The wires are integrated with silicon boot-ends available at various angles to offer a better fit.

  • A great alternative to OEM wires
  • Oil resistant insulation
  • Durable
  • High temperature resistant
  • Wires might be too long for a few customers

5. JDMSPEED Spiral Wound Design High Performance Spark Plug Ignition Wires

high performance spark plugs for chevy 350
  • Brand- ‎JDMSPEED
  • Dimension-‎10.84 x 9.69 x 2.72 inches
  • Weight- 11.7 ounces
  • 10.2mm Spiral Wound Design
  • UltraLow Resistance KEVLAR Core
  • RFI Suppression
  • Ultra-High Strength/High Temp. Silicone Boots and Sleeve
  • Easy to install
  • 10.2mm Spiral Wound Design
  • One Year Warranty
  • 90-degree black boots
  • Highly durable

These high-performance spark plug ignition wires from JDMSPEED offer high voltage capacity and boost your engine performance.

The wires are 10.2mm long, and the spiral wound design ensures its efficiency for high voltage temperatures. They also have 90-degree black boots on end.

These wires are highly durable, easy to handle and even install. The sufficient length ensures no tangling and complications during the installation time.

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These wires offer high EMI suppression for your engine, apart from the high voltage. The cables are made out of spiral wound copper and have silicon insulators outer jacket & a glass braid for safety from any kind of heat damage.

If you want a high-end product under the radar of affordability, this particular product can be your window.

  • Spiral wound copper construction
  • Glass braid protection
  • Offer high energy
  • Boost performance
  • Acceptable price

6. Vkinman 10.5 MM Best Performance Electronic Ignition HEI Plug Wire Set (9Pcs)

shorty headers for chevy 350
  • Brand- Vkinman
  • Material- Silicone
  • Dimension-‎10.84 x 9.69 x 2.72 inches
  • Weight- 11.7 ounces
  • Universal Set For SBC & BBC Chevrolet Engines
  • Electronic Ignition HEI Plug Wires
  • 90 Degree Boots on Both Ends
  • High-temperature 100% pure silicone insulator outer layer

Vkinman’s high-performance racing spark plug wires set features wires that are 10.5mmhigh and is another among the best spark plug wires for sbc with headers.

The wires are spiral-wound copper conductor, which offers meagre resistance with high EMI suppression. They are the perfect combination of performance and quality.

This wire set can deliver high energy to your Chevy 350 speaker plugs so that you can enjoy the total potential output. Furthermore, the wires will show no interference with onboard electronics.

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Each wire has a high dielectric insulator with a heavy glass braid that helps in delivering that much-desired high performance.

The spark plugs come with high-temperature black boots & heavy-duty silicone jackets to resist any damage from abrasion & heat.

  • Offer high performance
  • 100% pure silicone insulator outer layer
  • Inexpensive

7. MAS 8.5MM High-Performance Silicone Spark Plug Wire Set With dielectric strength insulator

shorty headers for small block chevy
  • Brand- MAS
  • Material- Silicone
  • Dimension-‎10.84 x 9.69 x 2.72 inches
  • Weight- 11.7 ounces
  • High-temperature tolerance
  • The outer layer is made of 100% pure silicone insulator
  • Uses high dielectric strength insulator
  • Quick installation
  • Uses spiral-wound copper conductor with meager resistance & extremely high EMI suppression

MAS offers an 8.5mm spark plug wire set for Chevrolet 350 engine, which has high-temperature tolerance and has an entirely pure silicone insulator outer layer.

The set includes a 90-degree boot for HEI distributors and constructs with an HEI design system. Furthermore, the heavy-duty feature ensures its compatibility with Chevy SBC.

The heavy braided glass, heavy-duty silicone jackets, and high dielectric strength insulator make this set a high-performing one.

There are also high-temperature black boots so that the wires can resist heat damage. Lastly, you get the top performance quickly as the installation is super easy.

  • Affordable price
  • High EMI suppression
  • Heavy-duty silicone jackets
  • Fast installation
  • Some wires are short in length

Top FAQs About Shorty Spark Plugs For Chevy 350 With Headers

How can I fix a broken spark plug wire?

The fastest and easiest way to fix a broken spark plug wire is to solder it. If you are familiar with the process, then good, and if not, we recommend you ask for some assistance.

Soldering done with clean results will provide the best output in terms of both mechanical & electrical.

What is the best way to test a spark plug wire?

There is no perfect or best way to test a spark plug wire, and you can simply take an individual wire in your hand and look out for any physical damage like corrosion, cuts, & discoloration.

It is also good to examine the spring clips to hold the plugs firmly. Lastly, use a screwdriver to check the insulation of the wire.

How to know if there is a spark plug wires failure?

The simplest way to make out that there is a spark plug wires failure is by checking if your vehicle suddenly has low fuel mileage, radio interference, misfiring, startup failure, erratic idle & backfiring, etc.

If there are more than one of these signs, there is some fault in your spark plug wires. Get them checked ASAP.

How to place the spark plug boot on the wire?

If you think that placing a spark plug boot on the wire is a craftsman’s job, you are wrong. It is a simple task and can be done even by a non-professional.

Firstly, spray the boot. Then use the needle nose on the clip, and push the hook into the boot while you press the wire in with your hand.

What happens if I place the spark plug wires wrong?

If you place your spark plug wires wrong, it can lead to hazardous consequences like fuel and air mixture catching fire. It is a concern because it can happen anytime, like driving or your vehicle is simply parked.


We hope that going through this list of the 7 seven spark lugs for Chevy 350 with headers and the buying guide gave you some clarity for your purchase.

JDMSPEED New Spark Plug Wire Set is our top pick, but we would like to know which one will you pick for your Chevy 350.