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7 Most Popular Car Rentals in Canada

What you should know about Car Rental in Canada - Backcountry Canada Travel

Are you aware that Canada is the second largest country in the world? But compared to its large territories, its population is really low.

So, if you are new in Canada, you should know that there are different means to explore the country, but car rental unlocks several potentials. It gives you the privilege to explore and visit other cities.

If you want to visit various cities in the country, car rentals in Canada give you different options because the roads in the country are very dissimilar, hence it is important that you know which car rental company is the best for you.

Below are 7 most popular car rentals company in Canada:


Enterprise is one of the best car rental services in Canada. They are located in different parts of the country, and their cars are second to none. These cars are available for rent at quite an affordable price, which makes choosing them a great option. Their company’s website works effectively, alongside with their booking engine.


This is another good car rental company, but it is of a smaller status, and it is available at few locations. Their booking process is via their website, and it is less complicated. The company has a very good customer rating, which is something you should always look out for when renting a car, and although their rates are mixed, you should trust to always find a car for rent within your budget.

        Routes car rental

This car rental company takes pride in ensuring that they offer premium customer services to their clients. They have over 10 locations, all through the most visited airports in Canada. This rental company offers a modern and different fleet of cars, while also providing value, and good customer service at quite an affordable price.

        National car rental

This rental company belongs to the same group as the enterprise that was listed above, but their price range differs, which are sometimes lower than that of the enterprise. Hence, it makes them another option to choose from when renting a car in Canada. 

Booking with the National car rental is quite easy and self explanatory. It would be good to note that this car rental makes addition for damage waiver, and other different types of protection.

        Discount car rental and truck rentals

Again, this is also one of the best car rental services in Canada, and they have locations in important cities, and airports in the country. The pick-up and drop-off of this car rental company is usually in the same location. Fair enough right? So if you are looking forward to doing your pick-up and drop-off at the same location, then this is the company for you.


Budget is a well known trusted car rental company in Canada, and it has different locations across the country. One advantage of this company is that they offer cheaper rates. They have good customer ratings, so as long as you follow due procedures, there is nothing to worry about.


Avis is known worldwide for its car rental services, and it has a good presence in Canada. They offer locations in every major city and airport in Canada. They provide good quality cars and their customer service is very responsive.

If you are visiting Canada for the first time either for business or for vacation and you need a popular car rental company to rent a good car from, then the ones listed above meet the cut.