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3L1T-19C013 Ford Headphone Receiver?
Howdy I not long ago got a bulk of Lincoln Navigator/F150/F250 typical wi-fi phone. The headphones are ID:3L1T-19C013-AA. Is there any program i can get a transmitter for a thing like an mp3 player or dwelling stereo? Originally these mobile phone are for in car use subsequent to a DVD…

four ten inch sub woofers adjectives out on proper songs subsequent to max energy?
i have the appropriate gague wire for floor and the amp is solitary 250 watts ( don’t giggle it actually sounds really clean up) and for some issue my whole bass program cuts out afer 3/4ths volume on specified songs…i m thinkin i just involve a even larger…

four diamond d3 15’s or 2 solobaric L7 15’s?
i either want four diamond d3 15’s or 2 l7 15’s. which really should i choose? i will be putting these on a kicker zx1500 amp and i will get a custom box for any… i really want spl but i like to have sql too

four Ohm speakers near 2 Ohm amp.?
I have 2 12″ subs (a) four ohm with a monoblock amp(220W RMS x 1 at four ohms (four hundred watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms). If I guide in parallel, will every sub seize 200 W RMS or will the impedance of the subwoofers…

four ohm subs , how plentiful terminal?
its 2 kicker cvr 12″ equally four ohms, I KNOW HOW TO WIRE THEM DOWN TO 1 OHM BUT I JUST Require TO KNOW IF I ONLY Require One particular OR TWO TERMINALS?

four subs 1 monobloc?
is it perilous to run four subs (in series) stale 1 monobloc amp, i performed it and it sounds oright?

four hundred watts to 1 12″ Alpine Form R sub?
Im managing the Alpine MRP or MRD ? -M450 amp to 1 12″ Alpine Form R sub that cope with five hundred watts RMS. At 2 ohms which Im runnign amp to sub my amp gives four hundred watts RMS to sub. You men devise its adequate to pound…

four hundred watts to five hundred rms sub?
u assume its okay if i feed four hundred watts rms to my alpine typer which can bar five hundred rms – this beneath-powering going to have an effect on its daily life or effectiveness greatly or something. tolerate me know thanks

4000 Watt Car Audio Amp.. what measurement line?
I have a 4000 Watt MAX (3300 Watt RMS (a) 2 Ohms) amp that I am going to set up within my ’05 f-one hundred fifty. What all really should I do to the electrical program again setting up the amp, if something? Also, what measurement energy/floor wire do you propose?

5.25 inch speaker suggestion?
I’ve got a 1994 LeBaron convertible, and a JVC KD-HDR1 skipper device. Considering the fact that the motor is a convertible, I don’t want to put a ton of audio gear within it, it truly is much too easy to crack into and steal the gear. I’ve get some Infinity…

five hundred watts 12v coupé audio amplifier subsequent to a 5a fuse rating?
I have listed here a mitzu mit-75r car audio amplifier. It have an inline 5a fuse and i don’t fully grasp why the fuse rating is so small…does this imply I am not going to achieve 500watts peak in bridged mono manner subsequent to a 4ohm one voice…

6 cd changer issue?
I have a 94 lexus es 300 beside a 6 cd changer in the trunk. When I put the cd’s within and press cd on the radio in the motor it states “load” and immediately after a although it will say aloud “mistake”. Any ideas what mistaken beside…

6 disc cd changer?
I have a interrogate about a 6 disc cd changer you men. I wanted to know if any 6 disc cd changer would do the job on my ’98 mercery sable LS? And does it make any difference what brand name I get hold of? Whats an easy program to set up it?…

6 disk cd changer?
When i just not prolonged bought my 2000 celica it had a 6 disk cd changer surrounded by the trunk and a ordinary searching deck it just doesn’t have a position to put a cd. I want to tweaking out the deck for a better brand name name…

6 inch midrange or eight inch subwoofer?
i was wanting to know whats louder for the small report? a 6 inch idrange driver staying nurture small frequncies with going on for a hundred watts rms or an eight inch subwoofer with a bit reduced frequencies also beside a hundred watts rms? how does an eight…

6 Kicker L7 12″ or four Kicker L7 fifteen”?
I have 5 outstanding to put toward a car audio program. I alreay hold all Monster Cables and a 250A alternator. I am searching to carry 6 Kicker L7 12″ or four Kicker L7 fifteen”. I will be powering these subs with the Kicker SX1250.1s. If I…

6” speakers contained by a gap supposed for 6.5”?
will this do the job? I have 6” speakers, and evidently the doorway i’m putting them in will in shape a 6.5″ “no worries” So, will it also in shape 6” speakers? (Its a VT commodore btw, front doorways)

6 Speakers into a Aftermarket disc deck?
i have a pioneer aftermarket cd deck model 4800 a thing (last many years model 50wx4). currently got a up to date car though, and it acquire 6 speakers insted of four. can i continue to wire 6 speakers into a cd deck (ten including tweeters) and how would i do that?…

6.5 inch doorway speakers!?
im going to wager however yet again a different established of four-6.5inch doorway speakers for my car or truck…i hold had audiobahn…polk..and pioneer speakers and i hold blown at least one speaker within everybrand…..i like to run speakers organization and im searching into obtaining a different brand name…the last established of two…

6.5″ speakers!?
do you know the place i can get some really cheep speakers!! 6.5″

600 watt speaker…What amp?
I have a 600W 4Ohm ten” Woofer. What measurement amp really should I get. So copious people today say to have extra energy on the Amp aspect other folks say the speaker aspect. So any person with some knowhow and working experience in the audio industry permit me know. Thanks

6×8 or 5×7 Part Speakers?
I push a 1997 towncar and I am replacing my JBL 650 part speakers with 6×8 or 5×7 parts. I have about a $250 dollar finances. I enjoy been searching at MB Quart RVF268 or JL Audio XR650-CSi. I am also powering them subsequent to a Kicker…

6×9 to headunit?
on my headunit i hav 2 pre outs at the rear but they are phono’s the only issue is be can i get phono’s for the wires for the 6×9’s to connect them upto to the pre outs

seven audiobahns vs. 2 w7 jl audio?
will three ten inch audiobahns a thousand watt rms two twelve audiobahn 1100 watts rms and two 15” 1200 watt audiobahn with a directed d2400 watt amplifier and a audiobahn a4kdn http://www.woofersetc.com/index.cfm?fuse… or to 10” jl audio w7s near a jl a thousand/1

eight appraise electric wiring, to a 360 watt RMS amp, powering one sub?
wattage is CEA compliant.. The wiring DOES grill up when i use it at loudish volumes. What gauge would you advise I use? also, With thicker electrical program, would it boost my bass response at all? or will it nouns the same? My amp cuts…

eight Guage Wire 2500 Watts Blowing Fuses?
I really don’t want to have to update to a four assess wire, I have (1) 2000w amp for my subs – and a different 500w amp for my speakers alone. My 20a fuse pops if I go above partly volume, really should I just run a…

eight ohm 6×9 speakers for car or truck. any person know the place on earth I can find these ?
I have to have to swap the blown OEM 6×9 doorway speakers on a lexus. Amp part is an ML (Mark Levinson). All ML speakers are spec’d at 8ohm. I’ve searched adjectives above but could not find any eight ohms (loads of four ohms alternatives!). A lexus dealer…

eight ohm speaker on four ohm amp?
ok i assume eight ohms is smaller sized quantity than 4ohms, so does this imply that hooking it up to my amp, system it will suck the same energy as a four ohm sub but develop 1/2 the bass? is this threat-totally free, and if i put a…

eight” lcd overhead monitor surrounded by saloon. cannot acquire nouns.?
I cannot find the audio in my motor. Is there a station it demands to be on or some issue??

eight” subs thoughts and opinion?
Has any person used a handfull of eight” instead of larger sized subs I am thinking about working with many of them 12 plus like these for instance. http://www.crutchfield.com/S-jIdOpnsIm8P… Just a thing different I hold set up lots of 12 and fifteen and a bunch of tens. I currently figured I…

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