19/06/2024 2:15 PM

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Bentley Celebrates 70 Years of Design With Four Heritage Exterior Colors

Bentley provides an amazing mixture of modern luxury tech and old-world British beauty. In other words, Bentleys should smell, look and drive like Bentleys whether it’s their wood inlays, leather interiors, or genteel sportiness.

Not so long ago, Bentley has expanded into the world of SUVs. Bentayga joined the ranks of the Continental GT and Flying Spur sedan coupe. Although there is a wide range of sedans offered by Bentley, the Mulsanne is still one of the best Bentley.

The good thing about it is that it comes with an extended-wheelbase type for users who like to drive a car themselves. Bentley celebrates its 70 Years of Design with 4 heritage exterior colors. Let’s find out more.

At Bentley Motors, the design department looked into the archives to go for the best paints that may help celebrate 70 years of Bentley design. Of all the pain options, they opted for 1930s Dove Grey. It was all the rage during the days of Derby-era.

Apart from Dove Grey, other classic colors gave a timeless touch to the recent models of Bentley. Some popular ones include Claret, Old English and Oxford Blue.

The good news is that you can place your order to buy any of these four today. As a matter of fact, these colors were quite popular for 30 years of the history of the brand. One of the colors was inspired by the R-Type Continental. So, these four colors were again chosen to commemorate the big day.

The British auto manufacturer introduced Claret, which exudes solidity and warmth, especially if you use it on Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee Bentley. In fact, it’s applied to every Royal Bentley since the 1940s and inspires a unique shade.

In the meantime, Old English White comes with a solid white finish that dates back to the 50s. According to Bentley, it’s an ideal choice for all models in the queue. Although there are many blues in the palette, the first solid color was Oxford Blue. It’s was chosen in the 60s for the first time and then adopted again in 1998. At that time, it gave a great touch to the Diamond Series.

The in-house designers came to know that there were more than 15 colors have been used for over 50 years. They were part of the Mulliner Personal Commissioning Guide.

For instance, Sage Green is an ideal option for the Flying Spur V-8. This green finish for the exterior was an ideal choice in the 50s as it gives the best contrast to the looks of Blackline on the latest sedan.

For a historical grade for the body of the new Bentley, this heritage-inspired paint may work well. The thing is that it suits this new installment and most buyers prefer this one over the other colors of today. So, this is what makes this vehicle look stunning.

Hopefully, you will like these 4 heritage exterior colors if you love Bentleys.