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Best Car Shipping Tips

Car shipping isn’t something you do overnight because the damage can be done if you rush things like this. There is a whole process of choosing the company and preparing your vehicle for transportation. A lot of people don’t think about things like insurance and coverage, they only remember to do so when it is too late. You need to do good research when choosing a company so the risk of damage can be minimized.

There are a lot of scams or companies that only have a couple of employees that are doing this in free time. Those people are usually inexperienced but they attract customers with lower price. Always find a reputable company that is for a long time in the business so you can be secure. Even when your friend refers a company, it doesn’t mean they will do a good job for you. Read more on this homepage.

Preparing Your Car

There are a lot of details you need to take care of when it comes to preparing your car. The first thing is to wash it because dust can cover the dents or any damage to the auto. Some companies will request this because you can claim that they made the damage. This will also help you because if they cause damage it will be noticeable if the car is clean.

You also need to clean inside of the car because you might have some valuable stuff in it. Shipping company won’t be responsible if you lost something in the car. You have to give them the keys so they can place the car on the trailer but it is expected that the automobile is ready for transport.

One of the most obvious tips is to turn off the alarm but you would be surprised how many people forget to do that. You also don’t need to have fully loaded tank because it will make the van heavier so it will cost more and there is no need to have a full tank. You should have a small amount because you might need to drive it to the nearest gas station when it arrives. After you finish checking everything around the car, remove any customer accessories you have on it. This will make it easier for transport.

Get Multiple Quotes

Your friend may have experience with shipping an auto but it doesn’t mean too much because every occasion is different. There are a lot of great companies but you should always look for one that is near you. They will probably have a lower price for you. When searching for a company online, get a quote from multiple companies so you can compare the prices.

The quote you get won’t be the only thing that matters when choosing a shipping firm but it is one of the most important. Besides a quote, you can ask them about the delivery time and when they will pick it up. If they need to transport it from 100 to 500 miles, it should take one to two days, 500 to 1000 miles in 2 to 3 days and so on.

Cover the Vehicle

There are many types of trailers meant for transport when it comes to car transport, you can ask for a covered trailer. The price will be larger but you will be sure that nothing will damage the car. Weather can damage the automobile easily and when it is transported against the wind, debris may cause additional damage. This is why it’s recommended to have a covered trailer even if the price is higher. If your car is cheap, you can pass.

When to Ship the Car?

It’s true that you need to plan a month in advance when you are going to move to a different location but when it comes to shipping your wheels, a month can be too long. Because it is a competitive market, you will for sure find an available company to do the job.

This means that you should schedule it between couple of days to two weeks in advance. You would want to get the most current price meaning that if you schedule it in one month, the season may change and the price will be higher. If you schedule it in a week, the price won’t change.