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BLOGGER BUILDS: Keith’s Jake-Inspired Corvette Z06

BLOGGER BUILDS: Keith's Jake-Inspired Corvette Z06

BLOGGER BUILDS: Keith's Jake-Inspired Corvette Z06

If you are seeing this post from me, it means we are getting to the end of this latest BLOGGER BUILD series as CorvetteBlogger writers have fully explored the new Build and Price Configurator that was released last week for the 2023 Corvette Z06.

I’ve done so many builds on the new Configurator and was thinking this would be a fairly easy project…just load up the build with every cool option and see what you get at the end. But building your own Corvette is such a personal experience, and you really learn pretty quickly what you like and don’t like on the car, as well as what you can afford and what you may have to skip also comes into play.

BLOGGER BUILDS: Keith's Jake-Inspired Corvette Z06

Despite the fact that we’re playing with pretend money, I really tried to put myself into the shoes of those lucky few who will be having their Z06s built during the inaugural year. Looking at each package and option objectively, I’ve taken my “over the top” build and scaled it back to something that I think represents a more reasonable build and closer to what I might actually have done if I had Z06 money to spend.

The first part of the configurator was pretty easy. I have loved the Hardtop Convertible ever since the C8 Stingray HTC was unveiled and have never seriously considered choosing the Coupe model after that moment despite the increase in cost. For this build, I am locked in as well on the 3LZ Trim Package to get the Two-Tone Blue interior. Yes, I picked the interior first because that’s the part I would see the most, and wanted to have something I could show off. From there, picking the exterior color was much more difficult because not every color goes well with the blue interior. I eventually settled on Black, which matches the color of my 1966 Corvette and my daily driver Toyota Land Cruiser. If I decided to wrap the car later, I could still end up with black Nacelles and door jambs.

BLOGGER BUILDS: Keith's Jake-Inspired Corvette Z06

So here is where my build starts to go off the rails. At first, I was going with the full Z07 package with visible carbon fiber aero and wheels because those are the external design items that scream “high performance.” But I’m never going to track the car, and after hearing those YouTubers who have driven both the Z07 and non-Z07 cars, the base level performance without the Z07 package seems more made for the highway driving the car would be doing. So I compromised by deleting the Z07 package and the visible carbon fiber wheels but going ahead with the visible carbon fiber aero and carbon ceramic brakes. That was probably the most difficult choice in the build, but it still feels like I’m spending stupid money to get the aero and J57 brakes without the Z07 package. The other major free-flow option added was Front Lift.

BLOGGER BUILDS: Keith's Jake-Inspired Corvette Z06

By going with the Black exterior, I no longer had to think about incorporating carbon flash nacelles, but I still wanted to have some bling to break up the monotony, so that’s where the Machined Face Spider-Design wheels come in, along with the chrome emblem package. I also wanted the quad center exhaust tips in chrome as well, and luckily that’s the default choice, so that selection didn’t cost anything. I do want the Edge Red brake calipers over the Bright Red versions, but they haven’t yet been added to the configurator after coming off constraint earlier this month. Those red calipers are also tied into the Edge Red Z06 logo on the sides of the car, and I added the Red CORVETTE lettering on the rear for effect as well.

BLOGGER BUILDS: Keith's Jake-Inspired Corvette Z06

I call this the Jake-Inspired build as I added the Jake C8.R Graphics Package, which gives me the Jake Hood Graphic and the two rear hash graphics as well. I also selected the Jake wheel center caps for that race-inspired look as well. Jake also appears on the Contoured Liner Protection Package, which includes the cargo and trunk liners. Chevy doesn’t offer them, but some Lloyds floor mats with Jake might also be in my pretend future.

BLOGGER BUILDS: Keith's Jake-Inspired Corvette Z06

My main interior choice again was the two-tone blue, and I also added the Level 2 Carbon Fiber Interior Package. The 3LZ package already offers the GT2 seats, which I am more than happy to sit in, so the only other interior choice is the selection of the plaque for the R8C Museum Delivery. I might have to copy my good friend Jake Drennon’s plaque idea and go with “I Love You More…” just to have a laugh at those who see it for the first time. As this Corvette is officially a Jake build, a tow-hook is included (I would keep it in the glovebox for emergencies) and the final option to score my coveted check box is the Premium indoor car cover rendered in the Gray C8.R.

My first “over the top” build came in at $183K with Z07, but after making some thoughtful decisions, I was able to scale it back down to $167,980. You can see my Jack-inspired C8Z on the Build and Price Configurator by clicking this link.


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