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Bucket Trucks and Accessories – Keep It Safe!

Bucket trucks, just like all heavy-duty machines whether purchased from an equipment auction or a dealer, must be used with caution to protect operators and people in the surrounding area from injuries. The person inside the actual bucket which can be raised on its boom to over forty feet above the ground must be especially cautious to avoid fall hazards.

There are many features that contribute to the safety of these trucks that are often overlooked. The Plastic Composites Company (PCC) has developed a range of accessories that can help protect truck operators and increase on-site productivity. These accessories have been developed over a period of time in response to ongoing feedback received from users since bucket truck production began in 1959; they provide the most commonly requested features in the industry.

Floor Lining

Since the worker located in the bucket will be mostly standing up, much effort has been dedicated to developing safe and durable surfaces with which to line the floor of the bucket. Traditionally, the bottom is lined with a fiberglass scuff-pad that prevents slipping but is less ergonomic due to the fact that it is a separate layer from the floor. PCC has replaced the scuff-pad with an innovative, dielectrically sound material that is bonded directly to the floor while retaining the same non-slip properties. Field use and extensive testing has shown this material to have a longer life span than the separate scuff-pad.

In addition to the superior scuff-pad replacement, a specially developed ergonomic floor mat is offered that has been proven to reduce user fatigue and stress by as much as two hours out of an eight-hour working day. The mats are one-half inch thick and made from temperature-resistant and non-conductive PVC; since the surface is two-thirds air, they are the most comfortable models on the market. The material provides good protection against slipping; acts as an insulator during cold weather conditions; and elevates user’s feet above the water level when it is raining.

Braces and Holders

Multiple worker’s compensation claims are filed every year due to back fatigue and injuries suffered because of the non-ergonomic positions required to stand in a bucket for extended periods of time. As modern liner usage requirements specifically prohibit the use of toe-space openings, workers are forced to lean against the bucket lip to gain leverage while working, creating a serious amount of back strain. The solution is a simple yet effective ergonomic support that can be hung from the top lip of the bucket. By leaning thighs against the support, a worker can transfer the stress from backs to legs. The thigh brace also serves as a tool tray by opening it up at the top.

For those who require a flat work surface to hold tools, plans or a laptop computer, there is a nineteen-inch square table made from durable fiberglass that can be mounted onto the lip of any bucket. When not in use, it can be collapsed onto the outside of the bucket, maximizing the use of the work area. This same area can also be fitted with a mounting plate for tools and supplies.

The information provided above should offer an idea of some of the accessories that are available for bucket trucks that can have a big impact on the safety and efficiency of the workers who use them!