20/05/2024 10:45 PM

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Geariodic Table Of Colors Presents The Car World’s Most Iconic Hues

We know you want to repaint that spare bedroom British Racing Green.

It’s no surprise national racing colors have long been a staple in the automotive world. British Racing Green, Italian Racing Red, and German Racing Silver are all apparent. However, the spectrum of well-known colors in the automotive world is much more nuanced than the classic national shades. In a related article, automotive retailer Peter Vardy released an entire periodic table of paint colors associated with manufacturers’ vehicles.

While white and silver can often be associated with less extravagant vehicles, there’s more than what meets the eye. There have been legends in the automotive space dressed in silver paintwork like the McLaren F1 and the R34 Nissan GT-R. Another honorable mention is Aston Martin for its Silver Birch color. 

With such a spectrum of colors on display, we were a bit surprised to see that gray is the most popular shade worldwide. In fact, the article states that just last year 22.6 percent of registrations featured gray cars. While there are countless different shades of gray on offer, Audi’s Nardo Grey and Volkswagen’s gray of choice were featured in the article. According to the Peter Vardy website, Volkswagen’s gray is considered a staple for the VW Golf

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When the color yellow comes up in the automotive world, many will picture a Lamborghini. However, after getting through the less exciting colors of the table, lesser-known vehicles started popping up. Just like the car, not many are aware of the Volvo 850 T5R and its history. Just like the T5R its cream-yellow color is just a bit different.

Volvo went racing in the British Touring Car Championship with its 850 wagon and produced mixed results. Aside from its questionable success, nobody had ever attempted to go touring car racing with a wagon. With some creative input from the Tom Walkinshaw Racing team, the 850 was a mid-pack miracle with several good results. 

Aside from the colors featured in the article, what are your favorite automotive paint hues? Let us know in the comments below. 

Source: Peter Vardy