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How to Get Auto Parts Cheap

Auto parts have the habit of costing more than your actual car. In some cases this has to do more with their location than actual cost, but there are some parts that carry a hefty price. This is why motorists all over the U.S. will get a little creative in how they find their replacement parts. Luckily, there are great ways to located cheap auto parts. Many of these strategies are used by legitimate sources such as independent auto shops, private-owned auto parts stores, and car restorers.

Image result for Auto Parts CheapHit the Junkyard
A junkyard is a great place to look for auto parts. It is also one of the cheapest options you can find. It does take a little work as you will need to plan ahead when paying a visit. A junkyard can be a complex operation, especially if you have to do the rooting yourself.

Some junkyards will do the searching for you while others make you root around yourself. The key to success is choosing a reliable junkyard that will give you a fair price. If you are going to look yourself make sure you bring the proper tools so you can extract the part. If the junkyard searches for you inspect the part once they find it. You want the part to be pristine and undamaged.

Buy a Junk Car

Finding a junk car version of your auto is a wise strategy and one used by auto restorers. Even though a car does not run it does not mean it has no value. Junk cars can be harvested for parts and often buying an entire vehicle is cheaper than purchasing that one part new.

Additionally, a junk car will also yield other parts for your car. So in the event that it has problems in the future you will already be prepared. Before you buy, however, make sure the car has the part you need. It is no use buying a junk car if it lacks any air conditioning hoses Tacoma WA., that you need for your car.


Online retail sites like eBay and Amazon have become great places to find cheap auto parts. The internet is also full of organizations and e-commerce platforms dedicated to locating used parts. Always take a look at the sellers ratings before doing business, and make sure you inspect the part upon receiving it. The wide net cast by the web makes buying parts online more reliable and offers you a better chance at success.


Mom and Pop auto parts stores can often times carry better prices than mainstream retailers, but if you time your visit right you may just luck into some value. Always be aware of any specials, coupons, or discounts your local auto parts stores have. If you find you auto part during any of these special occasions the value added may just make it the cheapest option. Not to mention independent auto parts stores can be negotiated with.