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How to Start Your Own Website – Tips in Website Designing

In learning how to start your own website, you will often be faced with the challenges of making a good design. Of course, the first things that will help you get the attention of your readers is to make a good website design.

If you are bringing your business online, or you want to make money online, and you want to learn how to start your own website, here are a few things that you might find useful for a good start.

– Choose a friendly color for your site. One of the things that can help attract online readers to your site is the good choice of color. You don’t have to make it too glaring to attract people. The use of glaring and glittery colors can most often be a distraction than a help.

– Don’t scare your online readers with an audio autoplayed on your website. This, for sure, can make them leave your site in no time. Do not put anything that auto-plays on your site.

– Choose fonts that are easy to read and but not too big for readers. Also avoid texts that are too glittery and those scrolling texts. Scrolling texts are not effective features on your website as they do not give the reader control over the texts or what they want to read. Make sure also that you don’t put light texts on light background or dark texts on dark background. This will usually make your site difficult to read.

– Avoid pop-up windows. They are also one of the most annoying features that a website can have. Although this has been a popular online marketing tool before, it has also grown to be one of the least effective as it has become annoying for many.

– Do not use images as your background. Aside from distracting, this can make it difficult for your online visitors to read your texts.

– Make sure that your website is easy to navigate. Always make sure you put a link to home in every web page of your website for your readers to go back easily to your home page. Add a table of contents buttons to also make your other web pages to be easily visible to readers.

– Do not use heavy image files. If your site is full of images, then make sure that you resize them to make it web friendly without having to sacrifice picture quality for your readers.

– Avoid lengthy texts on your site. Remember that people online usually skim from web sites to websites and long reads are not often appealing, unless of course if it is a news item. If you can’t get away with lengthy contents, you can also use subheadings and make use of white spaces or pictures to break monotony.

– Proofread your site to avoid misspellings and typographical errors. This can surely disappoint your readers and of course, might confuse readers as well.

These are just a among the simple tips to keep in mind on how to start your own website and in designing it. If you are not adept with web designing, then you can always hire a web programmer to do it for you.