20/06/2024 4:39 AM

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In-depth Maintenance Analysis Between Electric, Hybrid and Diesel Cars

Time to ditch diesel? Comparing the costs of driving a hybrid, plug-in  hybrid or electric car

The cost of owning a car goes beyond what you have to pay at the car dealership. Without a doubt, some people have paid more for car ownership than the actual cost of the car. 

It is important to keep your vehicle in good condition to prevent unexpected breakdowns accidents or unnecessary repairs.

Maintenance is also a factor to consider before car leasing. Nobody wants to lease a car that requires a high cost of maintenance.

This article is right for a person who is looking to do an in-depth comparison between electric cars hybrid vehicles and diesel cars in terms of maintenance. let’s get into it.

  1. Electric cars

You will be surprised to know that electric cars have been there for a very long time it is, however, not until the 21st century that modern electric cars were appreciated on a large scale.

Electric cars in the UK have become popular because of the many benefits including government grants, capital allowances, benefits in kind, and others. 

Here’s what you should expect in terms of maintenance of electric cars;


The part of electric cars that require servicing includes the battery pack, electric cabling, suspensions, brakes, tires, light, steering wheels, windshields, etc.

Assessments of these parts are similar to regular diesel petrol or hybrid vehicle and the maintenance required on common car parts does not create any variations in terms of cost. 

High Voltage electric cabling and the battery aspects of electric vehicles is the one cost of servicing. They require special technology and experts and may cause a lot more. 


Battery failure is the biggest concern for electric vehicle owners. 

The cost of a new electric battery is about £4693.19. It is not cheap and therefore something to thoroughly consider whenever you are deciding to buy an electric vehicle.


The conventional understanding of expensive things interprets to mean expensive maintenance. An expensive phone, expensive repair.

But that is not always the case with electric cars, they are expensive but because they are made up of a few parts, their cost of maintenance is low.

The number of car parts is not the only factor that affects maintenance cost. Some of the other factors include how the driver uses the car and the car service used.

The use of the car is measured in the distance travelled. it is estimated that a full battery electric vehicle has a maintenance cost of $0.061 per mile which is £0.028 per kilometre.

Remember just because the maintenance costs are lower than other cars does not mean that it is cheap to repair electric vehicles. 

  1. Hybrid cars 


Repairing happy because we depend on the respective damage, damages dealing with the combustion’s aspects of it are more manageable and will be cheaper. Electrical repairs will cost much more.


Servicing will fall in between the costs of combustion engine cars and electric vehicles. The make of the vehicle also plays a role, good quality hybrid vehicles require less servicing compared to others.


The cost of maintaining hybrid vehicles is about $0.094 to $0.09 per mile which translates to £0.044 per kilometre.

  1. Combustion engine cars

By far, combustion engine cars are the most prevalent type of car all over the world. Not just because they’ve been there for a long time but because of their affordability. 

However, with environmental sustainability matters, many people are switching to hybrid and electric cars. Here is the maintenance breakdown;


Combustion engine cars are cheaper to repair, but they can be very expensive in the long run because of the many different parts that make up the car.


Servicing cost will depend on the state of the combustion engines. New combustion engines require less servicing and cost cheaper than older engines. 


Internal combustion engine vehicles cost $0.101 miles in maintenance which is £1.201 per kilometre.  

Bottom Line 

The buying price of electric cars is very high, their maintenance is relatively cheaper than both hybrid and combustion engine cars, but because of the skills and their complexities cost of repairs may be way higher.

On the other hand, hybrid vehicles are somewhat in the middle. the cost of maintaining hybrid vehicles is lower than full electric cars but higher than fuel combustion vehicles.

Combustion engine vehicles at less sustainable, cheap to repair at first instance but have high maintenance costs in the long run.

It is therefore fair to say that an electric car is the best option in terms of maintenance but for a cheaper version, hybrid vehicles are the second-best.