25/07/2024 6:36 PM

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Jay Leno’s Latest Final Season Appearance Features Shocking Character Arrest

Last Man Standing returned this week with another appearance from Jay Leno as the Outdoor Man mechanic Joe. This time, Joe and Tim Allen’s Mike Baxter competed against one another to find the next classic car they want to renovate. However, the episode took a very serious turn when Chuck (Jonathan Adams) was arrested for looking at a car just because he is Black. The episode also featured a storyline with Jen (Krista Marie Yu), Mandy (Molly McCook), and Kyle (Christoph Sanders).

“Lost and Found” started in an unusual way, with the Outdoor Man vlog at the beginning. Mike listed a few things that have only become worse thanks to modern technology. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” Mike said. “Which is why I’m taking my own advice and ending this perfect vlog right here. Baxter out.” Just as he stopped filming, Ed (Hector Elizondo), Chuck (Jonathan Adams) and Joe ran into his office in the middle of a dispute. Ed said he would pay for a billboard for the restoration business and whoever finds the best car to renovate next will get their face on the billboard. “Then you’d have to actually shrink Joe’s head if he won,” Mike quipped. At first, Mike did not care about this competition, but he suddenly got interested.

Next, Mike barged into Ryan’s (Jordan Masterson) new office in a swanky office building in Denver. Ryan explained how his weed business delivery works. Mike did not really care. He just wanted Ryan’s drivers to keep their eye out for the best barn find. In exchange, Mike can’t call Ryan a “commie” for at least six months and he has to go to a family dinner.

Later, Ryan and Kristin (Amanda Fuller) told Mike that one of his drivers saw a Shelby Cobra. He actually praised Ryan for a good job. “Look at that, you made my dad happy. There’s a first time for everything,” Kristin said. Joe then walked into Mike’s office to tell him a friend found a great car as well. Ryan then interrupted them to report that his driver actually found a cobra named Shelby. Joe felt incredibly confident that Mike was now going to have to listen to his country music album now.


The next day, Mike asked Chuck to hack into Joe’s email account to find more information about his barn find lead. Chuck said he would only do it if he got Mike’s perfect parking spot. Chuck already knew Joe’s email and gave it to Mike. The password was “MikeBaxterIsGreat.” “That’s weird,” Mike said. Mike showed up at the home where Joe also showed up. There was a beautiful 409 sitting outside the home. They both made their pitches to the owner (Mary-Margaret Lewis), where they discovered that Chuck was there before them. Unfortunately, the owner said one of her neighbors called the police to report a Black man was looking at the car and he was arrested.


Back at Outdoor Man, Joe and Mike were scrambling to help Chuck and explained to Ed that he was arrested for doing exactly what they did. Joe was shocked to know Chuck was arrested just because he was Black. Chuck was released though and came back to the store. Joe immediately hugged him. Chuck explained that he didn’t have his ID and when police finally confirmed his identity they released him. Joe was still not quite understanding why Chuck was frustrated. “You’re mad because this happened to me,” Chuck said. “But this kind of thing happens every day to somebody else’s Chuck. I’m not an exception. I’m the rule.”


Later, Mike talked with Vanessa (Nancy Travis) about taking his Outdoor Man vlog in a different direction. “What happens when you find out something is broke and you don’t know how to fix it?” 


In the second story of the night, Mandy and Kyle could not resist bumping into Jen’s love life. They found out she was virtually dating a man named Mark, and they refused to leave her alone. They pressured her to meet Mark in person. “I can’t wait to tell this story at their wedding reception!” Mandy said. The next day, Jen had her first date with Mark and it did not go well. Mark smelled awful, and Jen was frustrated that she would never see him again.


Later, Mandy and Kyle called Mark to ask him about his body odor. In reality, Jen did not actually meet Mark and she made up a story. Mark hung up and Jen was horrified. She became frustrated, but Mandy and Kyle only decided they needed to be more secretive when playing with other people’s love lives. Vanessa later called Mark to apologize for Mandy and Kyle’s meddling and fix things up with Jen. Weirdly, Mark started flirting with Vanessa and told Jen she is never dating boys again. New Last Man Standing episodes air Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on Fox.