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K2 Snowboarding

K2 snowboarding is a large supplier of snowboards in American. They supply snowboards, gear, and apparel. K2 Snowboarding branched off from their larger parent company K2 Sports. K2 Snowboarding is headquartered in Carlsbad, California. They have several other offices worldwide.

The parent company K2 Inc started in 1961 by Bill and Don Kirschner. The first store was in Seattle Washington. K2 was one of the first ski manufacturers to use fiberglass which made their skis lighter in weight, a technique that became very popular.

K2 Snowboarding is, also on the leading edge of technology in manufacturing its snowboarding gear and products. Many of their products are divided into different series.

The K2 Snowboards are divided into four series: the A. T. L. A. S., which is the all terrain lift access series; the Progression, which is the free styling series; the Women K2 Alliance; and Youth for Junior and Grom-specific boards.

The A.T.L.A.S. Series contains the 0, Gyrator, Slayblade, Slayblade Wide, Turbo Dream, Turbo Dream Wide, Podium, Podium Wide, Format, Format Wide, Brigade, and Brigade Wide boards. The Progression Series contains the Jibpan, Believer, Parkstar, Parkstar Wide, Darkstar, Darkstar Wide, WWW Rocker, WWW Rocker Wide, WWW, WWW Wide, Anagram, and Angram Wide boards. The Women K2 Alliance series contains the board known as the Eco Pop, Luna, Momen, AirdU, Fling, Va Va Voom Rocker, and Va Va Voom boards. The boards in the Youth series are the Kandi, Mini Turbo, Lil’ Kandi, the Vandal and the Vandal Wide.

K2 Snowboard Bindings are another leader in technology. Their bindings are made for men and women and split into their specific areas of design. There is Auto, Strap and Cinch. Auto binding means there is only one ratchet to tighten both the ankle and toe strap simultaneously. Releasing or loosening the straps works the same way. This allows for quick fastening and a fast exit with much less time spent on getting in and out of bindings.

K2 boots are available in Men’s, Women’s, and Youth’s. Available boots under the Men’s line are Thraxis, T1 DB, T1, Maysis, Darko Boa Conda, Darko, Raider Boa Coiler, Transit Boa, Domain, and Pulse. The Women’s boot line contains the following: Contour DB, Affair BOA, Affair, Haven Boa Coiler, Veil Boa, Mink, and Plush. Youth boots include the Vandal, the Kat, Mini Turbo, and the Lil’ Kat.

The men’s bindings with the exception of the Vandal run from medium to extra large. The Vandal only comes in small and medium. For the rest of the boots men’s sizes, shoe sizes between 2 and 5 will need a small, shoe sizes between 5 and 8 will need a medium, shoe sizes between 8 and 11 will need a large and sizes 11 to 15 will need an extra-large. Women’s sizes are sized small and medium.

K2 snowboarding has its own website where their boards, boots, bindings are shown. They also have a complete online store where it is possible to purchase most of their products. The site also has a blog, and video area. A K2 women section is scheduled to come online soon.