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Laundry Business – How to Get in to the Washateria or Laundromat Business

First you need to decide what type of laundry business you want to be in. Dry cleaning, laundry or both. There are many resources to help you make this happen.

You need to make a decision on how much money you are willing to invest. I have seen pick up and delivery laundry services do very well with minimal investment. The other option is to rent a space and set up shop.

You can offer laundry by the pound, pick up and delivery of dry cleaning and even ironing.
Buy any necessary equipment.

Some of the equipment you may consider buying is laundromat tables, washer and dryers, fiberglass seating, irons. etc. You may need to hire an employee to pick up and deliver the dry cleaning.

A home based business you can probably hand your self but a laundromat will require some additional support or employees.

If you decide to open a full laundromat presentation is everything! A clean wash area is a must! Large beautiful laundromat tables is probably the most important item on the floor since most of the work is done fold the clothes. Make doing laundry as easy as possible. Offer Wifi, TV, video games etc. You want your customers to come back time and time again! This is your job as the owner!

Last but not least it’s time to market your service. Coupons, mailers, and networking is a great way to get this started. Let people know who you are and get to work! This is a great business!