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Liquor applicant announces $4.75-million project, to create 45 new jobs | Business


Peaches Package Liquor.jpg

Artist rendering of new proposed $4.5-million project. 

A new license application has been added to the 11 applicants vying for just one new license to be added by the city. The applicant is Cheyenne resident Dallas Tyrrell, whose family also owns the Tyrrell automotive dealerships in Cheyenne and Laramie.

Named “Peaches Package Liquor and Bar LLC” – the entire project is estimated to cost $4.75 million, according to Tyrell, who named the proposed liquor retail warehouse after his mother, Peaches. He said the store will offer the largest product selection in Cheyenne both with package sales and refrigerated beverages.

Dallas and Peaches Tyrrell

Dallas Tyrrell (left), has named the new project after his mother, Peaches (right).

“Our proposed location fills a huge need for a large world-class liquor store on the northern side of town, but still very easily accessible to all parts of town. This is a locally-owned business, and will employ about 45 full time employees, and include both entry level positions and management,” Tyrrell said.

As planned, the new liquor store will offer Cheyenne’s residents the largest selection of products in town and offer off-site catering services for events.

He said that the other applicants have merit, adding that they also have the ability to obtain licensing under other licensing types. His stand-alone concept can only be licensed under the type they are asking for also, but unlike the other applicants, he has no other licensing alternatives. “And, this project has a much larger economic impact to the city, much larger investment, and creating more jobs,” he said.

 Tyrrell said he originally started this project in 2019 when he was acquiring a current liquor store, but the business owner decided to not retire and sell the business. So, he began planning this project. He said he will offer special order and 30 minutes or less delivery service, and an option to have a sit-in bar in Phase II of the project.

Tyrrell added “I am most thrilled to be offering the city of Cheyenne residents a new option for discount liquors, and we’ll work hard to deliver the best selection Cheyenne has ever seen.”


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