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Morgan Polymer Seals Tijuana, Mexico, plant set for expansion


Since its inception in 1997, Morgan Polymer Seals has seen exponential growth. It’s gone from a company with a single employee (and his teenage son) making sample products in the garage to a three-facility, 47,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing operation with 500 employees turning out 100 million parts each year.

But like a tree rooted firmly in its place, Morgan Polymer Seals has grown up and around that original 2,000-sq.-ft. shop floor, taking on more space in the original building it leased and adding leased facilities just a “stone’s throw away.”

And each addition, like a new ring in a tree trunk, is indicative of another growing season for Morgan Polymer Seals.

“I started working for the company when it was about 2 years old, and at the time, I think it was about 6,000 square feet,” Chief Revenue Officer Sean Morgan said, adding that he has watched the manufacturing space double in size on several occasions since.

This year, the 25th for the family-built and operated company, is another one of those growing seasons.

Morgan Polymer Seals, in 2021, added new business and now is expanding to meet continued demand for its products—seals and gaskets for powertrain, fuel system and electrical applications.

To this end, Morgan Polymer Seals again is growing around that original 2,000-sq.-ft. footprint. This time expanding by about 75 percent, adding 35,000 square feet of adjacent building space that—serendipitously—became available for lease at just the right time.

It allows Morgan Polymer Seals to continue growing right in the place it was always meant to be.

Much of the added space will be designated for manufacturing, though the Morgans anticipate about 5,000 square feet will be used to expand its materials laboratory capabilities.

“We are not focusing on any grand, new products, (the expansion allows for) more of the same of what we have now,” Sean Morgan said.


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