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Nissan GT-R gets off-road treatment from exotic car dealer in Netherlands

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One of the hot car modification trends nowadays is to take a car never meant for off-roading, and give it some level of all-terrain capability. A lot of these cars take inspiration from rally cars of the 1980s and 1990s that competed in African “Safari” rallies, so they had lots of ground clearance and giant tires. It’s clear that Classic Youngtimers Consultancy in the Netherlands had this in mind when it modified this Nissan GT-R.

The company doesn’t say what year the GT-R is, but based on the look and the mention that it started with 485 horsepower, it must be a relatively early R35 from between 2009 and 2011. The dealer notes it has upgraded the engine to reach over 600 horsepower, though it didn’t elaborate on was done, specifically. The exterior modifications are obvious, though. The car is taller courtesy of a 4.7-inch suspension lift and much thicker tires mounted to the GT-R’s factory wheels. The wheel arches have been modified and fender flares added to accommodate the extra rubber. It also gets a custom set of roof bars and a full-size spare tire. The roof bars don’t appear to actually do much, since the spare looks to be mounted directly to the roof. The car also gets giant round off-road lights in the front bumper and a light bar on the roof. It’s all finished with a camouflage vinyl wrap.

The dealer is offering this tall GT-R for 95,000 Euros, which comes to about $107,000 at current exchange rates. For reference, that’s about $8,000 less than than the starting price for a brand-new GT-R, though this one you won’t be afraid to take down dirt roads. The dealer has only one of these off-road GT-Rs, but if you wait around long enough, they’ll probably do something similar. Classic Youngtimers previously has done off-road versions of the Bentley Continental GT and Lamborghini Gallardo.

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