Protect Your Corvette With New Weatherstripping from Corvette Central and Save 10% on All Parts and Accessories

Protect Your Corvette With New Weatherstripping from Corvette Central and Save 10%

The weatherstripping on our new and classic Corvettes was designed to last for many years but eventually, it will start to wear out and will need to be replaced. Prolonged exposure to moisture and ice, as well as the sun’s UV rays, can damage the rubber and speed up the aging of your weatherstripping. Our friends at Corvette Central carry everything you need to update and protect your Corvette from the elements with weatherstripping kits, individual weatherstrip pieces, and supplies for installation and maintenance.

Corvette Central reminds us that when it comes to replacing the weatherstrip on our Corvettes, you want the best value for the money as well as something that lasts. Corvette Central’s weatherstrip is Made in the USA and will protect your Corvette longer than the cheaper, imported versions.

Save 10%

As an exclusive for CorvetteBlogger readers, Corvette Central is offering a 10% savings on weatherstripping and anything else in-house with the promo code 522BLOG. The offer expires on 5/31/22 and some restrictions apply.

The next time you are getting into your Corvette, take a moment to inspect the weatherstripping surrounding your windows and doors. Feel the rubber and if it is dried, shows cracks, or is rock hard, those are all signs that it is time for the weatherstrip to be replaced. Another clue is while driving if you hear more road noises or whistling sounds within the cabin. You might also see areas where water leaked into the cabin following heavy rain or after a car wash. If you are seeing water drips inside the car, your weatherstrip definitely needs to be improved.

Corvette Weatherstrip

Corvette Central Weatherstrip by Generation:

Corvette Central Tech Blog Articles on Weatherstripping

Corvette Central’s Tech Blog has a number of articles addressing the maintenance and restoration of your Corvette including the weatherstripping. Check out these articles on Corvette Weatherstripping with a focus on the C3 and C4 Corvette models:

Sealing a Shark: 1977-1982 Weatherstrip

Using aftermarket weatherstrip pieces in the past, we had to choose either adjusting the windows to seal, or adjusting the windows to roll up and down without the door open. There was no way to do both. ’77 and earlier models used a different style rear vertical weatherstrip that wasn’t solid so it made window adjusting only somewhat problematic. Front vertical weatherstrips are a problem on all years. The dense rubber just wouldn’t seal properly to let the window roll freely. Thankfully, newer offerings are as supple as the factory’s original pieces.

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Weatherstrip 101 for C4 Corvettes

There are many reasons why you would consider changing the weatherstripping on your C4. Over time, the rubber breaks down, hardens and cracks, leaving an unpleasant appearance, poor seal, wind noise, and the dreaded drip. If you own a C4 and actually drive it in the rain, you will eventually experience the dreaded drip, leaving your floor soaked and pant leg soggy. No matter how slick the paint, or well maintained the machine may be, dry, cracked weatherstrip will be the last detail, often overlooked and leaving an otherwise stunning car to just be rather ho-hum.

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