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Relocating to Alabama? Where to Find a Job in Alabama

Alabama Industry Overview

The state of Alabama is a part of nation’s fastest growing industrial corridor along with its neighboring states of Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and Mississippi. More and more manufacturing professionals are now relocating to Alabama, as it provides great job opportunities for those in that career field. The major reason for this relocation is that the state is now home to some of the biggest names in the automobile industry. Honda, Toyota, Hyundai and Mercedes Benz are the biggest automakers operating out of Alabama. Apart from the automobile industry, the biotech and healthcare industries offer job opportunities. The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) is the largest employer in the state.

Alabama’s Cities

Birmingham is one of the biggest economic centers in Alabama which has companies like AT&T, Protective Life, BE&K that employ a large number of people. Huntsville is known as the ‘Rocket City’ since NASA has its Marshall Space Flight Center and The Redstone Arsenal. Mobile is another important economic center since its seaport is on the Gulf of Mexico and inland waterway has access to Midwest. Apart from the above mentioned cities, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa and Decatur are the other major cities in Alabama.

Life in Alabama

Life in the ‘Heart of Dixie’ is quite affordable. In the first quarter of 2009, Alabama ranked the ninth most affordable state in the United States based on the Cost of Living Data Series by MERIC. Real estate is also available for rent and purchase at very reasonable prices, with homes in metropolitan areas ranging from around 125 to 135K, offering great value for the money. Alabama’s weather is very favorable with an average temperature of 64 °F, and is one of the main reasons people decide on relocation to Alabama.

Where to Find a Job in Alabama

Find a Job in Alabama Using Job Search Sites

There are a multitude of places on the Internet where you can find Alabama jobs. Most of these online job engines are free to use and can really shorten the length of your job search if used properly. Make sure to sign up with these sites to receive email updates when Alabama jobs matching your search criteria are posted to be among the first to know about new job opportunities that may be a fit for you. Below is a list of local Alabama online job boards that can help you kick-start your job search.

o Beyond.com: Alabama Job Listings

o Jobing.com: Alabama Jobs

o SimplyHired: Alabamajobs.Jobamatic.com

Where to Find Manufacturing Jobs in Alabama

As mentioned before, Alabama’s manufacturing industry is growing at a fast pace and this is mostly due to the automobile industry in the area making the state’s automobile output fourth largest in the country. There have been more than 65,000 jobs created in Alabama in the last 15 years with the majority in auto manufacturing. Visit the sites below to learn more about some of the largest auto manufacturing companies in Alabama and their current job openings.

o Honda: Corporate.Honda.com

o Hyundai Motors: HMMAUSA.com

o Toyota: Toyota.com

University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Jobs

Founded in 1831, UAB is Alabama’s oldest and largest university. UAB is one of the premiere student-centered research institutions in the United States. It is the largest employer in the state with more than 20,000 people and is a great place to look for educational, healthcare and bio-medical jobs. Visit the UAB career website to explore current job openings.

o HRM.UAB.edu

Best of luck to you in your Alabama job search!