25/07/2024 6:03 PM

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Spring Forward with Sweet New Shirts That Show Your Automotive Passion


As spring starts rolling through, with summer close behind, it’s time to finally put that winter coat away and show off your pasty arms once again. But if you’re like me, your automotive wardrobe could use a nice update. Let Blipshift help with that.

Their T-shirts use designs from various artists around the world, and then they make them into the coolest car shirts money can buy. However, they’re extremely limited-edition designs, and you have to grab them while you can. Trust us, they’re worth it.

You can also scroll through Blipshift’s Garage section and look for designs with a green dot—meaning they’re available now. You can also get notified if an out-of-stock design comes back. Prices are a bit higher than your average Walmart graphic tee, but you won’t find sweet designs like these anywhere else.

And hey, if you’re filling out your car-centric wardrobe anyway, pick up a “Live the Drive” T-shirt from Shop R&T, Road & Track‘s online merch store.

Auto-Themed Apparel and Accessories Make Killer Gifts for Passionate Fans

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