22/02/2024 10:29 AM

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Stilride: the brand reinventing electric motorbike production

“We began with a research project funded by the Swedish Innovation Agency and the Swedish Steel Producer’s Association called Jernkontoret,” explains Nyvang. “That evolved into the company being incorporated in 2020.” The initial approach was to use lasers to help produce the crease lines. “That didn’t work so well because the material would buckle and become difficult to work with,” he continues.

Then a serendipitous hook up with a Swedish robot company yielded surprising results. “The robots did the creases really well so then we started to develop control software with software developers. We also did some renderings of the bike and posted them online. They were picked up by the motorcycle community and something like 100 articles were written.”

Polestar’s 0 Project is a big challenge but Nyvang is confident Stilfold technology can make a significant contribution to the construction of the body-in-white (BiW). The Project is about eliminating carbon emissions and all chemical reactions that produce carbon emissions,” he says. “ For us it’s about how we can eliminate welds as far as possible and also make welds that are zero emissions. 

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“We know our territory and the body-in-white is interesting. We known emissions can be lowered, but the point is to eliminate them altogether. It’s actually taking our technology further and it’s a very exploratory project, which started from the research perspective. It runs for two and a half years and by the end of that time we’re going to have something we can apply in manufacturing.” 

Beyond that, Nyvang sees the control software being developed in-house to drive the Stilfold robots as becoming a product in itself. Of course, there’s a future product plan for the company too, which includes more scooters including high performance variants and a three-wheeler.

“We don’t just want to stop with motorcycles though,”says Nyvang, we want to explore how we can make other things with this process which we think is relevant to anything made from sheet metal. We think of ourselves as green-mobility re-imagined so we take that perspective on what we’re doing but also need to get the bike out!