25/05/2024 11:47 PM

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Exceptional automotive

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is the only new car I would buy


For other new cars, of the hundreds of models on offer, only a smaller handful really enchantment to me, bizarrely most currently being provided by manufacturers starting with an ‘A’.

The Abarth 695 hot hatch (if possible with handbook transmission, if you can continue to come across one) has sturdy enchantment, despite its organization experience and restricted practicality, as does the Alfa Romeo Giulia, the ideal-seeking new car you can acquire right now in my humble belief, and good to travel. The new Alpine A110 also floats my boat, getting owned and run a couple of illustrations of the ‘classic’ 1970s initial lots of decades in the past when they ended up continue to mainly not known and reasonably priced in the British isles. The primary A110’s down-facet of obtaining a rear-mounted engine (a thing else I are inclined to shy absent from) has eventually now been corrected more than 60 yrs later on by placing the motor in the centre, in which it must be for the very best dealing with traits.

Away from the Abarth, Alfa Romeo and Alpine, not quite a few of the other new cars we can now all invest in (price range prepared) appeal to me. A Caterham Seven continue to takes some beating for enjoyment and a perception of involvement, but I’ve previously been there and carried out that with creaking bones and a terrible back to support remind me of all of individuals joyous moments I’ve experienced driving one. In a very similar vein, but nevertheless also confined in what it can do in real planet motoring, I locate the tiny new Citroen Ami EV incredibly desirable, even with it getting two-seats only, with a 30mph best velocity and restrictive 30-mile range.


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