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The Best RV Covers Are Made of Ripstop Fabric

The sporting goods community has a new term when it refers to the material used to make heavy duty tear resistant equipment. That term is ripstop and it refers to 100% woven fabric that is lightweight and has a nylon-threaded interlocking design that resists tearing and ripping. Ripstop fabrics are made by weaving and interlocking the nylon in a cross-hatch pattern with the base fabric. Various types of fabric can be used as the base fabric: cotton, polypropylene, silk and polyester. The nylon is then crosshatched with the base fabric making a fabric that is ideal for resisting tears and fraying. The fabric is only labeled as ripstop if nylon is crosshatched and interlocking with another base fabric.

Ripstop fabrics are very easy to identify because of the interlocking hatching of nylon threads throughout the material. In many cases the material has the feel of a barely raised box or diamond pattern. It is so versatile that ripstop fabrics have been used to make fire safety uniforms as well as camouflaged uniforms & equipment for the military. One of the best attributes of this material is that it is thin, lightweight, and even breathable- ideal for sports attire like jerseys and running shorts.

Ripstop fabric is being used when the design calls for a fabric used in the sporting goods area. Any recreational use of a heavy duty tough fabric that requires the material to stand up to rough conditions like heavy use as well as torrential winds and rain and yet the material still remains in tact under those stressful applications would benefit from a ripstop fabric. Since it is a water repellent fabric it is usually used when making camping equipment, tents, sails, parasails, parachutes, hang gliders, hot air balloons, kites, banners, sports clothing and now RV covers.

This ripstop fabric could not come at a better time for the RV cover industry. Because RV covers are used to protect large surface areas they are prone to tear. The covers are in contact with the RV’s ladders, awning, AC units, TV antennas, bumpers, etc. that could snag the cover during installation. Then while in storage they are exposed to the forces of nature like winter winds and increased water weight due to snow and rain. Little wonder that tearing is an issue. With a ripstop fabric, RV covers will last longer and will not need to be replaced as often as they are now.

As a dropshipper, I have found that many of the discount RV covers that are sold today cannot withstand the strong winds that come during the winter when most of us have our recreational vehicles covered and stored. Up until this point the best cover I have been able to sell and recommend was the Goldline cover from Eevelle. The Goldline cover is made of a strong supple water resistant Tru-Weave fabric with a Durapel finish that outlasts any cover on the market up to this point.

In June 2012, Classic Accessories came out with a new line of RV covers called PermaPRO. This line of covers is made of a ripstop fabric that promises to rival the Goldline cover. The PermaPRO fabric is one ply 100% woven polyester with the nylon hatching that makes it a true ripstop fabric. The PermaPRO RV covers are made of an extra strength ripstop fabric that repels water, protects against bird droppings, dirt, dust & scratches, provides UV block protection from sun damage, as well as being the best winter snow storage cover that will not tear or rip in the blustery winter winds or the increased water weight of melting snow. Small tears will not turn into large rips when exposed to the elements with the ripstop fabric on the PermaPRO line of RV covers and the fabric will be able to support the weight of melting snow and ice.

Check out the new line of RV covers sold by Classic Accessories at http://www.rvcoversprotect.com and see why ripstop is the new wave of the future for RV covers.