20/06/2024 6:48 AM

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Ukrainian refugees courted by Canada’s automotive parts sector


Volpe said hiring Ukrainian immigrants doesn’t require any new program or resources in either the privater or public sector.

“The immigration rules are what they are, and they allow for very short integration where there are shortages.

Volpe said he and his members are spreading the message through “our partners at Global Affairs, Foreign Service and through the Trade Commissioner Service.” They’re also reaching out to members of Parliament.

“A lot of people who built the Canadian auto industry came from Eastern European and work with their hands, were entrepreneurs,” Volpe said. 

He said they “can immediately relate” to the current situation.

Linamar Corp., headed by Linda Hasenfratz, is one of those executives and one of those companies.

It said earlier this week that it will work with the Canadian Ukrainian Foundation to sponsor Ukrainian refugees to come to Canada and provide them employment at the global supplier, based in Guelph, Ont.

“Our founder Frank Hasenfratz left Hungary in 1956 after having taken up arms as a freedom fighter in Hungary,” the company said in a statement. “In honour of his life and the Ukrainian people, Linamar Corp. is matching donations made by our employees to the Canada Ukraine Foundation (CUF) in support of the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.”

General Motors Canada says it will match employee donations made to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation, up to $20,000.

“We know many GM Canada employees have been personally impacted by the conflict, as Canada has the 3rd largest Ukrainian population outside Russia and Ukraine,” the automaker said in a statement.

General Motors in the United States is responding to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine by making a $250,000 dollar grant to The International Rescue Committee.

Meanwhile, Unifor, the union representing thousands of Canadians in the auto parts and assembly sectors, has donated $150,000 to support the Red Cross.


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