20/06/2024 5:37 AM

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Water Hybrid Cars Can Save You a Lot of Money on Gas

To improve fuel efficiency car manufacturers are making hybrid cars. These are electric hybrid cars. They have good gas mileage, but they are fairly expensive.

There is another type of hybrid cars, the water hybrid cars. You don’t here much about these, because the big oil companies don’t want you to know about them. The principle of water hybrid conversion is not new, about 100 years old. With the help of a simple device hydrogen and oxygen is separated from water.

This gas mixture is called HHO or Brown’s Gas blended with gasoline. HHO with gasoline supplies a lot more energy then the gasoline itself. The result is substantial fuel savings. In some cases you can double the gas mileage. You can convert your older gasoline or diesel car to run on water, and you can save a lot of money.

This hydrogen conversion also works for vans, trucks and SUVs. With this conversion you don’t modify the engine so you don’t lose the warranty. The conversion is also reversible and could be removed in a few minutes.

The car that runs on water has other advantages besides saving lot money for you. The emission is much cleaner since the burning HHO simply turns into water. The water hybrid conversion is also better for the engine. It will run on a lower temperature and it will last longer. Another advantage is engine noise reduction.

You can find water hybrid conversion kits on the internet. Some of them are very inexpensive. The conversion is very simple, and if you are mechanically inclined you can do it by yourself.