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Waterford Crystal Repairs – How to Remove Chips From Your Waterford Crystal

So, you broke out the Waterford Goblets when toasting in the New Year as the Waterford Crystal Ball came down in Times Square. Oh Dear, Honey, there is a chip in my Colleen Goblet, what are we going to do, how can we fix it?

To repair Waterford Crystal and remove chips from the rim there are various procedures carried out by the craftsman. First of all, the crystal is inspected to see how deep the chip is and how many millimeters it is down from the rim. Then it is placed on a concentric marking wheel where a light permanent marker is held to the spinning goblet just below the chip to act as a guide, then the grinding process begins with great care.

The rim of the goblet is then grinded down on a Diamond Wheel just below where the chip ends, this gives a perfect concentric level to the rim and the chip is removed. In order to have a smooth feel and not to cut your lips the next stage of the process is known as beveling crystal. Beveling is a two-stage process, which requires outer and inner rim to be smoothed and all fine chips removed.

The outer rim is the easiest bevel to perform but a small diamond wheel needs to be used to bevel the inner rim and great care needs to be taken using this technique. The final stage is polishing, using pumice and cerium oxide on a felt wheel, restoring your Waterford back to its illustrious finish. It is best to hire an expert for this type of crystal repair, preferably a Waterford craftsman.

But, on the other hand, to professionally remove a chip from your Waterford Crystal it can cost you anywhere from $15 – $25 per stem, so you see it can be quite expensive. You may be wondering if there is another way thats more cost effective? Well, there is, with this special Diamond Tool and you can do it yourself if you are very careful. You will not have the polished finish and your glass will simply known as the frosted one. You will not need to throw away your crystal or glass and it will usable again. Go to the link below to learn more about this amazing little crystal and glass chip remover.