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What affects the car ship cost

3 Factors That Affect Car Shipping Cost - ELMENS

If you’re planning to ship your car from one state to another or cross country, then be ready to spend money as auto shipping is an expenditure on its own. And this is why it is always important to thoroughly research the average price to transport your automobile and get your auto shipping quotes before the car transporting service ships your vehicle. It will help you to prepare for additional expenses and shop for the right shipping car service. So let’s look at some important factors that usually influence car shipping prices that will help you with your research and preparation.


The location your vehicle is being shipped to is going to be the main factor that can affect the cost for shipping cars. If the desired destination is on a main and popular route of travel, then shipping your vehicle is going to be less expensive. If your new home is off the beaten path, then shipping your car is going to be more expensive. 

Open or enclosed transport

Open auto carrier ships your vehicle on an open truck. Which means that your car is exposed to external elements and weather that may cause damage to your vehicle. Open car transport will definitely cost you more than an enclosed auto carrier. It happens for two reasons. The first reason is that auto transport services spend less time loading and preparing your car before it is shipped. The second reason is that they can put more vehicles on the trailer, which spreads the shipping cost for cars out among all the automobiles. You need to know that just because your vehicle is exposed to potential damage during open car transport, the risks during open car transport are rare, however they still can occur. So if you have a very expensive or classic car you should choose an enclosed transport.

An enclosed car carrier ships your automobile on an enclosed auto shipping trailer that protects your car from damage while on the road. Enclosed auto transport is the best option when you need to protect your precious car from the potential damage that harsch weather conditions and natural elements may cause. You should know that the covered car carrier can be more expensive than the open auto transport. In the right situation, the extra money you spend could be a great investment to protect your expensive vehicle.

Insurance coverage also affect the cost for shipping car

 Auto shipping services usually offer their clients the basic level insurance coverage option. However, sometimes it doesn’t match the true value of the car. So you can decide to purchase the additional insurance coverage which can help you to reclaim the full value protection in case any damage occurs while your car is on the road. The price of additional insurance coverage will impact your car shipping rates.

The season of year

If the auto shipping service you chose is experiencing its peak time of year, then you should notice that your final shipping car cost is going to be higher. If it’s possible, try to transport your vehicle during a time of year when the transportation service for cars is out of season. Thus, you can save a lot of money.

Your vehicle’s make and model

If you know your car’s make and model, it can help you to get accurate auto shipping quote. Because some special vehicles are more expensive to transport from one place to another. If you have a very expensive or vintage car, then be ready to pay more money. Because such types of automobiles need special services to transport them. It is also important to remember whether your automobile is operable or inoperable because the inoperable car will require special equipment to move it to the auto carrier. Therefore, such special services will be more expensive.

Current fuel costs

Fuel prices change constantly. And such fluctuations will definitely impact your final costs. If the current fuel rates are high, the shipping prices will go up. CDLScan auto shipping company will offer you better deals when fuel prices are low: https://cdlscan.com/ 

Delivery preferences 

The duration of the shipment of your car also impacts the ship car cost. It’s always wise to book ahead of time if possible. Therefore, you will tend to keep a buffer time and get your delivery soon, preventing any delays.

The size of your vehicle

The size and weight of your automobile is the last factor that can influence your auto shipping quote.  The less your vehicle weighs, the more money you can save. If you have a very heavy vehicle, then you have to pay a higher price than for the smaller car.