22/02/2024 11:47 AM

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Winbond to further grow automotive flash sales in 2022


Winbond Electronics is poised to further develop its automotive flash giving as a proportion of enterprise profits in 2022, as the chipmaker has slice into the source chains of first-tier auto assemblers, in accordance to business sources.

Winbond has disclosed that product sales generated from the automotive and industrial segments deliver a mixed 22% of its total earnings in 2021. The proportion is predicted to climb this yr, reported the sources.

Winbond has in modern a long time expanded its NOR flash and DRAM choices for automotive electronics and electric vehicles, the resources indicated. The chipmaker utilized to provide only automotive DDR, and low- to mid-density NOR chips.

Winbond’s entry into the supply chain of the world’s best automotive brands will strengthen product sales of the company’s automotive memory significantly flash items from 2022 onward, the sources believe. The chipmaker has designed numerous flash items for EVs, these types of as superior-speed OctalNAND Flash at densities over 512Mb.

Winbond is also upbeat about its automotive battery management IC (BMIC) company. Subsidiary Nuvoton Technology’s BMICs are becoming adopted by lots of car sellers for lithium-ion batteries, the company claimed previously.


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