25/07/2024 7:24 PM

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Would You Drive A Roller Skate?

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This crazy custom car is the perfect show piece for this owner who just wants to make people happy!

Crazy classic custom vehicles are some of the coolest cars on the market because of their high horsepower, cartoonish design, and loud V8 engines. The image of a vintage 1961 Impala cruising down the streets of LA bouncing up and down on hydraulics is iconic beyond belief, as are vintage dragsters and luxury show cars. However, none are as instantly recognizable and flamboyant as this modern masterpiece of design. With inspiration from a vintage movie, a big V8 under the hood, and a stunning color scheme, this car is definitely surprising when it rolls down the street. Of course, this car can’t go too fast, as you’ll see, due to significant safety concerns, but that certainly doesn’t take anything away from this insane creation. You might have guessed by now that this thing is crazy, but we are confident you weren’t expecting to see a giant 13 ft tall roller skate driving around town!

The first thing is first when you’re talking about this car, the body is obviously built to be a dashing display of design reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s roller skate diners. While the owner may not have actually created this car, he indeed is dedicated to knowing as much information as possible about his beloved vehicle. Powering this thunderous beast is a 350 ci Chevy V8 engine, which is the perfect powerhouse for what the builder was looking for. The goal was to be loud without too much power to not risk driver safety. This boastful vehicle accomplishes that very well with an automatic transmission, dragster style differential, and four massive drag radials.

Driving the massive skate might not be as comfortable and luxurious as a modern luxury SUV or as mast as a ’70s muscle car, but this thing is pure joy. People stop and stare everywhere this thing goes, children laugh, and the elderly smile, understanding the reference to the American classic TV show “Alice,” in which Mel’s Diner was a central focal point. This restaurant featured waitresses rolling around on a set of roller skates making the roller skate a symbol of vintage style and unique transportation. That’s precisely what the owner of this car wanted, and we commemorate him for his dedication to making people smile.

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