18/05/2024 10:51 AM

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WWII-Era Dodge Command Car Is A Mean Power Wagon Restomod

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The Allies never had anything this cool!

Custom vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, and you don’t have to look any further than this 1941 Dodge Command Car for proof of that. With a vintage military body sitting atop late-model truck chassis, this custom creation is one serious restomod.

Image Credit: Speed Digital LLC

The Dodge WC Command Car was a versatile vehicle used in World War II and later. To meet the needs of the military, this truck was built in a wide variety of body styles, and this four-door body might be the coolest of them all with its rounded door openings, two rows of seating and a removable top and doors. Those huge, flat fenders are easy to see the resemblance to the Power Wagon, which went into production after the war.

Although this Command Car may have started out as a U.S. Army grunt, today it has been fully restored wearing a bright orange paint job to ensure this truck will spark conversation wherever it goes, and the new soft top and doors are a guarantee you’ll get noticed even more.

Under that vintage military body is a three-quarter-ton Chevrolet truck chassis powered by a big-block 454 cubic-inch V8, and if this truck was big and bold enough, this one has been lifted and rides on huge 37×12.50-inch tires. This modern chassis comes with conveniences such as power steering and power brakes, and it also has cool details like a hidden stereo system and hand grenade accents throughout the cabin. The digital odometer shows this truck has been driven just 1,745 miles since it was built, and the overall condition backs up mileage reading. Whether you’re heading to a car show or off-road getaway, this 1941 Dodge WC Command Car is literally ready for anything.

Image Credit: Speed Digital LLC

If you’re looking for a truly custom classic vehicle, it will be hard to find anything more unique than this 1941 Dodge Command Car restomod. This bad boy will be up for auction at the GAA Classic Cars Auction on July 23-25 alongside more than 600 other classic and collectible vehicles.