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4 reasons why you should never park at the airport and what you should do instead

The Real Reason You Should Never Park At The Airport

When going on an extended trip, the greatest worry for most people is what to do with the things they will be leaving behind. We believe this is the reason most people keep putting off the trip they always wanted to experience. One of these things is the car. A very big question arises: where to leave the car, or if you are a big family, cars. People planning for a long vacation, or a weekend tour or businessmen who fly to other cities and countries frequently are most likely to leave their vehicles in the airport parking lot. However, there are several reasons why you should not park your car at the airport and avail different car services options instead as conveyance. We have compiled below why it might be a poor decision to park your car at the airport.

It is expensive to leave your vehicle at the airport

In a hurry to catch their flight, people assume that leaving their car at the airport is free. You just pay the entrance fee and that’s it. However, that is a pretty expensive assumption to make. London airports have the most expensive parking lots in the world to leave your car for over a week. You might end up paying hundreds of pounds just in parking fees. There are other cheaper options you can try which we will discuss at the end.

The inconvenience of airport parking lots

Due to the huge area of the airports, their parking lots are no less than a labyrinth to navigate. While you want to get on that flight as quickly as possible, finding a parking spot and then the long walk to the terminal with your luggage may take up a lot of your time. Also upon your return, you will have to make the same walk back and remember where exactly your car was parked. This can lead to added stress and anxiety.

Your car may be undrivable upon your return

Going on a journey is never easy. Ask people who do it far too often. And when you arrive back from your travels, there is nothing more you want to do than get home as quickly as possible and just relax. Imagine returning from your holiday to discover that your car won’t start. Maybe your car battery is dead or maybe the exhaust is jammed. You might discover a flat tire without having a functional spare in your trunk. It can be a very frustrating situation to deal with, specifically at the airport.

Damage to your vehicle

Airport parking lots are generally massive in size with relatively poor security. This might lead to greater chances of your car being vandalized. Your belongings may be missing from your car or parts of your vehicle may be stolen. You might actually find your car stolen upon your return. Other damaging factors to your car may be the natural elements. Sun, rain and hail can cause significant damage to the exterior of the car. A vehicle is a huge investment and any of the above will lead to an incredible financial blow. 

Avail other cheaper and better options

Ask a friend or relative to drive you to the airport. If that is not possible then the best solution is to share a ride through ride-sharing apps like Uber. You can also search for an off-site parking lot with cheaper rates and better security. Some hotels also provide this service. You can also connect with companies like ParkRideFly that help with finding off-site parking spots and provide shuttle service to the airport as well.